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Professional dental hygiene in Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic (Budapest, Hungary)

Professional dental hygiene in Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic (Budapest, Hungary)The formation of tooth stone begins with the deposition of a soft bacterial plaque that undergoes progressive calcification: calcium phosphate minerals are deposited both inside the bacterial plaque and between them, and then again covered with a layer of plaque. Thus, on the teeth there appears a solid mineralized plaque - tooth stone, which can not be removed by itself using a conventional toothbrush or other home methods. It sticks like a shell on a ship, and professional help is required for removal.

Cleaning your teeth with professional methods allows you to get rid of even the most complex plaque and return to your teeth the natural shine and appeal of a smile.

Types of tooth stone

The tooth stone is most often first formed on the upper chewing teeth, and then on the lower anterior teeth, since this is where the ducts of the salivary glands are located. The yellowish-brown tint of tooth stone is often determined by the food we eat.

Modern dentistry, depending on the location, distinguishes several types of tartar. Supragingival tartar is formed on the enamel crown of the tooth. This kind of calculus is easy to see with the naked eye. Subgingival tartar is located on the neck of the tooth and below, below the level of the gum, so it is not visible, which means that it can be detected only with the help of special tools. Subgingival tartar is dangerous precisely because if you do not visit the dentist regularly, then for a long time it remains invisible and thus various periodontal diseases can begin.

Professional cleaning of teeth and removal of plaque

Before serious stomatologic interventions in Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic with a preventive purpose, they always carry out professional cleaning of teeth, remove both supragingival and subgingival plaque and tartar, and also polish all teeth.

This procedure has many advantages:

- The surface of the cleared and polished teeth becomes several shades lighter, because we remove plaque, which is responsible for the yellowish-brown color of the teeth

- After professional cleaning of teeth, mechanical irrigation stops on teeth and gum

- The risk of inflammation and bleeding of the gums is significantly reduced, which most often occurs due to bacteria in the tartar and plaque

- The unpleasant odor from the mouth stops (if there are no other reasons)

- The risk of periodontal disease is significantly reduced

- Has a very powerful healing effect due to the destruction of pathogenic bacteria in periodontal pockets under the influence of ultrasound

- Provides a pleasant feeling, figuratively speaking, as if your teeth got rid of a lot of weight and sighed

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