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Successful treatment of caries and art restoration of teeth with the help of aesthetic filling

Successful treatment of caries and art restoration of teeth with the help of aesthetic fillingAesthetic dentistry is designed to return to the teeth not only health, but also real beauty. Aesthetic filling is in fact such a general term that includes those dental services, during which modern composite materials are used. They are called aesthetic, because they are so harmoniously fit into the patient's own teeth, that for a foreign observer these seals of the new generation are completely invisible. Restoring a chipped, broken or partially destroyed caries tooth - it's easy and simple with the help of the latest technology in the field of art restoration of teeth.

When can you need aesthetic / artistic restoration of teeth with modern light-curing composite materials?

- When the caries has destroyed your tooth and the affected part of the tooth needs to be restored with the help of sealing.

- When, due to excessive workload, your teeth are erased to such an extent that not only an aesthetic problem has arisen, but also the chewing function is also broken.

- When a piece of your tooth broke off and you need to restore it.

- When you want to replace your obsolete amalgam fillings with modern light-cured fillings.

- When you have too big a gap between your teeth and want to close it with an aesthetic filling.

Advantages of aesthetic light-cured seals

- Light-cured (photopolymer) materials that are used for art restoration of teeth, are very similar to the hard tissue of your natural teeth, so a seal made of such material is completely invisible.

- After filling, once anesthesia has passed, you can immediately take food and drink without restrictions, without fear of damaging your new seal.

- Aesthetic seals do not contain mercury and other metals, therefore they are bioinert, ie they are not toxic to the body.

- Durable fixation of light-cured fillings does not require a significant expansion of the carious cavity, while filling all healthy dentin is preserved.

- Light-curing fillings are aesthetic. Their use is especially popular in the treatment and restoration of the front teeth due to the ideal cosmetic result. Such a seal looks perfect.

- Light-cured fillings are made of the most durable filling material that modern dentistry has, so this is a long-term solution in the treatment of dental caries.

- Revolutionary technologies and unlimited possibilities of modern materials allow to completely imitate the tissues of a living tooth with all the features of its shades and transparency.

If the tooth area affected by tooth decay is too large and the tooth is not enough to restore the tooth, then the tooth is restored with the help of dental inserts and inlays (inlay, onlay), which are made by dental technicians in the laboratory.

Aesthetic seals play a big role in maintaining the health and functionality of your teeth.

One of the leading specialists in aesthetic dentistry in Europe is Dr. Steinhof Peter Marton, one of the founders of the Szent Lukács SPA Dental clinic, which is located in the center of Budapest, the dental center of Europe. During the preparation of a comprehensive treatment plan he offers several alternative treatment plans at once, so that the patient can make the most suitable decision for him.

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