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Opening of a new elite maternity hospital in Moscow (Russia)

Opening of a new elite maternity hospital in Moscow (Russia)27.06.2017 the representatives of "MedicaTour Ltd.", the leading company of medical tourism and consulting services in Russia and CIS, as official partners of the European Medical Center in Moscow, were invited to the opening of the new elite maternity hospital. As part of the European Medical Center there are 5 multidisciplinary clinics in the center of Moscow, including a maternity hospital that meets the highest world standards of obstetrics and care for newborns. The opening of the maternity hospital is a logical continuation of the clinic's work in the field of gynecology, IVF, pregnancy and pediatrics.

Head of the EMC maternity hospital is the famous Paris obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Claude Debache, who has extensive experience in taking birth and managing pregnancy among many famous people (movie stars, show business stars, etc.). Total professional experience is 25 years. Accepts more than 100 births per year. 

The team of obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists and pediatricians of the new elite maternity hospital in Moscow worked and trained at the leading medical centers of the world:
- Medical Center of the University of California (UCLA), USA.
- Clinic Yale New Haven, USA.
- Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, California, USA.
- Maternity hospital Kaiser Permanente, California, USA.
- Hospital Port Royal, Paris, France.
- American Hospital, Paris, France.

Opening of a new maternity hospital in Moscow (Russia)

For future mothers and newborns in the maternity hospital there is not only a comfortable stay but everything is thought through to the smallest detail. In the wards there are: multifunctional medical bed, baby cot, changing table, dining area, LCD TV, refrigerator (mini bar), telephone, Wi-Fi. Wards are equipped with air conditioning and a button for a call of staff. 

The main advantage is safe childbirth! 

Preference is always given to natural childbirth, if there is no threat to the health of the mother and child. Your loved ones can be near at the moment of birth. Modern types of anesthesia are applied: epidural and spinal (with cesarean section) anesthesia, in rare cases - drug anesthesia.

In the clinic there is a department of pathology, where modern methods of preserving pregnancy are used. I would like to particularly note the department of neonatology, equipped with the latest technology. You can safely give birth in Moscow at the EMC hospital, where you will be provided with a European level of service, and the high professionalism of doctors and the latest equipment - the safety of your life and your future child.

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