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Unique testing of oncological patients has become available in Russia to select the most effective individual treatment

Company MedicaTour has started to cooperate with a Russian innovative laboratory, which makes a very popular test for oncological patients, in which a molecular study of the tumor is carried out and an individual treatment is prescribed that will be effective for this particular type of tumor.

Managers of company already started to receive inquiries from their partners from all over the world for providing such tests for their clients.

Who is this test recommended for?

First of all, for patients who have exhausted therapeutic options - not responding to the previous prescribed treatment. Also for patients with rare tumors for whom targeted drugs are not registered for treatment. For patients who have received a negative result on the basis of all genetic tests performed. And finally, for patients who are in remission and wish to take preventive measures to avoid relapse.

  • The duration of the test is 30–40 days.
  • The test examines all key human tumor-associated genes.
  • More than 300 targeted and immuno-oncological drugs.
  • The cost is several times lower than imported analogues.
  • The test can be done remotely

Those wishing to undergo such testing, please contact MedicaTour managers.