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Review about cancer treatment in Israel

Author: Olga Kolotilova

When we were faced with the problem of finding a medical institution in Israel for the treatment of my husband (the diagnosis is hip osteosarcoma), we were faced with the task of choosing from more than 20 offers.

The first to respond to our request were employees of MedicaTour LLC. Throughout the time they searched for the clinic, they communicated with us so professionally and sincerely, showed human care and support, that they were chosen from many other offers. Later it turned out that this choice allowed us to avoid many mistakes, dangers and unnecessary overpayments.

We were provided with a full range of medical management services - an urgent issue of a passport in three days, a meticulous choice of the airline (due to the fact that at that time my husband had plaster and his leg was fixed in a horizontal position - it was necessary to find an airline with a large distance between chairs), the selection of housing, the organization of an ambulance from the airport of arrival to the hospital and the full moral and psychological support in this dramatic situation for us right up to arrival back in Moscow.

Thanks to the staff of MedicaTour, we went directly to the clinic, bypassing the intermediaries for the best specialist in Israel specifically for our disease.

The examination and operation were successful, we have already returned home, my husband is recovering, and I sincerely thank the employees of MedicaTour for the impeccably organized treatment and operation of my husband in Israel.