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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brindisi (Italy) applied to MedicaTour for expert opinion

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brindisi (Italy) applied to MedicaTour for expert opinion

On December 12 2019, General Director of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov was invited by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Brindisi region of Italy to act as a speaker and expert at the international conference of health and medical tourism with a report “Overview of the situation of medical tourism in the world and the situation on the markets of Russia and the CIS”.

The event was organized at the highest level, very interesting speakers, professionals in their field spoke. Was announced a lot of useful information, new ideas. Relations were also established with new potential partners from Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Puglia region has very great opportunities for treatment. There are many thermal spas, which are not very well known on the Russian market and the CIS market. The clinics of Puglia are of the highest and most modern level, and the prices are much lower than in Rome and Milan.

Our company plans further cooperation with this region, especially since we have a very strong partner in the territory of Puglia - the medical tourism agency "Aratravel".

During the event, Tatiana Sokolov met with the owner of Aratravel and during the negotiations it was planned to organize several tours to the region for doctors in order to familiarize themselves with medical opportunities and for clients to improve their health, there is more that all this can be combined with an excellent excursion program , shopping and enjoy fine Italian cuisine and wines.

We want to express our deep gratitude to the organizers of the conference, Giovanni Antelmi and others, and wish success and prosperity to this beautiful region of Italy.