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New product for hospitals and medical centers

New product for hospitals and medical centers

On December 3, as part of the medical tourism exhibition MedTravelExpo in Moscow, a seminar was successfully held for directors and top managers of hospitals “Medical business in 5 years. Who will leave and who will remain?” which was a start for a joint project of the medical tourism company MedicaTour Ltd. and a large international consulting company Grand Alliance which is one of the market leaders in the development and building of business processes in various sectors of the economy, including healthcare.

Within the framework of the seminar, Director of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov announced the problems of receiving foreign patients and Director of Grand Alliance Anton Shcherbakov spoke about the trends and problems of world health. And finally, a completely new product was presented for the heads of hospitals and medical centers, developed jointly by two companies.

Everyone who came to the event was presented with a book of Tatiana Sokolov “Business for a Lady, or My Life in Medical Tourism”, and at the end of the seminar an autograph session was held with the author. This book is the first Russian publication on medical tourism and is used by students and novice entrepreneurs as a teaching tool. At the moment, the book is available only in Russian, but in 2020 it is planned to be released in English.

The event brought together a full house and we are pleased that this project has caused such interest among health representatives.

Follow our news on the further development of the project.