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MedicaTour organized a tour for doctors, owners of medical centers and medical tourism agencies to Murter island in Croatia

MedicaTour organized a tour for doctors, owners of medical centers and medical tourism agencies to Murter island in CroatiaFrom September 20 to 25, company MedicaTour together with its partner Ivica Budanec organized an advertising tour to Croatia to Murter island to boutique hotel Murter and the rehabilitation center located next to it. The tour was organized for doctors, owners of medical centers and medical tourism agencies.

Murter Island is one of the most picturesque places on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and the tour program was rich both professionally and in entertainment.

The group lived in the boutique hotel Murter, owned by Ivan Markov and his family. The hotel is very comfortable, clean, with a very warm family atmosphere.

Near the hotel there is a small rehabilitation center where you can treat your back and joint problems. You can also undergo a medical massage course. The hotel has a wonderful cook - Ivan's brother. He cooks simply superbly and all the food is healthy, balanced and organic.

An excursion to Zut island was organized (private ownership of Ivan), which can only be reached by boat - this is a quiet secluded bay, the place is insanely beautiful, and the island is part of the Kornati National Park. There are olive plantations on the island, from which the Ivan family produces delicious olive oil.

On one of the days we visited KRKA National Park - the pearl of Dalmatia, in which there are 7 large cascading waterfalls. After a walk through the park, lunch was organized in one of the best local restaurants - the authentic venue Ante Skelin, which serves organic, wholesome and very tasty food, as well as homemade wine. Our group was so fond of by the owner of the restaurant that he specially sang several Croatian songs for us.

On the last day we walked around the ancient city of Split with a 1700-year history, the largest city of Dalmatia and the second largest in Croatia, after Zagreb. The streets of the ancient city are not inferior in beauty to the Venetian streets.

The participants of the tour were very pleasant, positive people, great professionals in medical tourism and medicine.

The company MedicaTour and all participants of the tour express special gratitude to the wonderful family of Ivan Markov and especially to Ivan himself for such a warm welcome. All members of the group plan to cooperate with the Hotel Murter in the future and send their clients and patients there.

MedicaTour has a special relationship with Croatia, and the company will continue to introduce its partners to this beautiful country, its hospitable people and the benefits of treatment and rehabilitation in it.