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Integrative methods of rehabilitation after chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy

Recovery from chemotherapy or radiation treatment is 50% of success, because it depends on this whether there will be a long-term remission, if there will be metastases, etc. Integrative methods for rehabilitation work in a complex, reinforce each other, increase the effectiveness of the treatment by 60%!

Integrative methods of recovery after chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy:

  • ozone therapy
  • vitamin C
  • intravenous organic food
  • virotherapy
  • dendritic cell vaccination
  • diet therapy
  • physiotherapy

These methods are successfully used in Amber Life Cancer Clinic.

For a preliminary assessment, you must send the following documents:

Medical report (epicrisis),
Description of histopathological studies
Description of cytological studies
Current (not older than 2 weeks) complete blood count + leukocytes and the latest biochemical analysis (ALT, creatinine, etc.)
Description of X-ray studies (CT, MRI, etc.).

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