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Radio Broadcast "Medical Tourism with Tatiana Sokolov" on Russian Radio 1

Medical tourism with Tatiana Sokolov Recently, Tatiana Sokolov, Founder and CEO of the company MedicaTour, was invited to Radio 1 to create and maintain her own program on medical tourism and the export of medical services.

“It is a great honour for me, I love journalistic work very much. During my stay in Israel, I already had experience in maintaining of my own tourism program on Russian radio,” Tatiana commented on this event.

Two issues of the program, “Overview of the Situation of Medical Tourism” and “Innovative Cancer Treatment Techniques” were already recorded, to which well-known experts in these fields were invited.

In the future, Tatiana's team prepares many interesting meetings and discussions on health, medical tourism, insurance business etc.

Radio broadcast “Medical tourism with Tatiana Sokolov” will be published on a regular basis once a week, and the recordings of the programs will be available on MedicaTour's YouTube channel, in VKontakte community, and also on Radio 1’s website.