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MedicaTour Ltd. at HESTOUREX-2019 in Antalya

MedicaTour Ltd. at HESTOUREX-2019 in AntalyaFrom 4 till 7 April, 2019, the management of the company MedicaTour was invited to Antalya to participate in the 3rd Global Exhibition of Medical Tourism and Sports HESTOUREX-2019. 6000 buyers from 165 countries of the world came to participate in this event.

The company MedicaTour held more than 40 meetings in B2B format with both old and new partners, visited 3 hospitals with the inspection: Medical Park, Anadolu and Yasham.

There are more than 2,000 clinics in Turkey and 61 of them already have international JCI accreditation, there are also clinics certified by the European TEMOS certificate, and this undoubtedly shows the high level of quality of patient care in Turkey.

In 2018, Turkey was visited by 890000 patients from different countries, which brought 8.5 billion dollars to the budget.

Turkey, as is known, is famous not only for the high quality of medical services, but also for very reasonable prices. No exception is organ transplantation.

Organ cross transplantation in Turkey

In addition to standard organ transplantation from related donors, there is the possibility of cross-transplantation in Turkey. This method is suitable for patients who do not have related donors with a compatible blood group.

Couples who do not have blood compatibility and who want to give a kidney to a loved one are prepared for cross-transplantation at the Transplant Center, taking into account the compatibility of tissue compatibility, age and major diseases.

For example, a patient with blood type A (II) and his donor a relative with blood type B (III) donates his kidney to another patient with blood type B (III), a donor of the second patient with blood type A (II) donates a kidney to the first patient.

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