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What opportunities does telemedicine provide?

What opportunities does telemedicine provideTelemedicine currently plays an important role in managing the well-being of patients, as this makes possible to consult a doctor at a convenient time for them when it is physically impossible to personally come for a consultation. Therefore, many countries are already introducing this technology, for example, Aquila Medical, a well-known aesthetic medicine clinic in Singapore, provides its clients with the opportunity to follow them after the procedures performed at the clinic.

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, but sometimes it’s not possible to stay in another country for a long period of time. Conversely, it is inappropriate for the patient to fly far away only for the consultation. Telemedicine technologies give the patient and the doctor a chance to solve this problem. It also avoids waiting time to control minor problems, such as post-operative observation, minor wound issues and pre-operative evaluation, such as evaluating the possibility of surgery.

Technologies change very quickly and it is extremely important that each specialist adapts and integrates them into his medical practice. Telemedicine, of course, is the necessary tool that must be studied, reviewed and used in every medical practice, as telemedicine helps patients in solving their health problems before and after treatment.

But with all the advantages, we must remember that telemedicine does not replace the physical examination by the patient's doctor, since many things can be missed without it. To solve serious problems or in difficult cases, it is important that patients try to meet with the doctor in person.