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Curative fasting on Lake Baikal for patients from Switzerland and other countries

Curative fasting on Lake Baikal for patients from Switzerland and other countries

September 13, 2018 the management of the company MedicaTour signed a cooperation agreement with the Swiss company SWISSMADETRAVEL, the main topic of which is the reception of patients from Switzerland on Lake Baikal in the Goryachinsk sanatorium for the passage of curative fasting programs.

Purification practices through fasting were popular even in ancient Tibet in the territory of Buryatia.

The Center of Eastern Medicine, the state clinic and the visiting card of Buryatia, introduced fasting into the curative course of chronic diseases and developed appropriate standards.

Applying the method of curative fasting, you can not only get better, but also rejuvenate your body. At the same time, there is no danger of causing such diseases as side effects, as is often the case with medication.

In Switzerland, too, people practice fasting in the Leukerbad Clinic, but such a program is very expensive there.

The beauty and climatic conditions of Lake Baikal combined with the unique therapy of curative fasting will attract a lot of patients not only from Switzerland, but also from other countries.

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