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Seminar Government and business interaction in search of national development in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia

Seminar Government and business interaction in search of national development in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia

September 4, 2018 Chief Executive Officer of the company MedicaTour Tatyana Sokolov took part in the event Government and business: interaction in search of national development, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

"The topic is very important and topical," said Tatyana Sokolov, "Our company MedicaTour is now actively trying to interact with the authorities to more quickly and effectively promote the development of the export of medical services in Russia. And this event just taught how to find the optimal strategies for the development of relations between the state and the business community in the context of Russia's strategic goal of becoming one of the five largest economies in the world."

The reason for the discussion was the first analytical study of the relationship between government and business in the Russian Federation, made on the basis of a survey of Russian entrepreneurs (owners and managers of real sector companies) by the international Prime advisory group and the Faculty of Political Science of Moscow State University. Lomonosov.

The work of the expert conference was attended by the vice-president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce Maksim Fateev, author of the program "Professional activity in the field of public administration, public administration" (Moscow State University), Doctor of Political Sciences Vladimir Lyaporov, director of the Russian Society of Political Scientists, Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences, Igor Kuznetsov, Executive Director of the international consulting group Prime Alexey Shekhov, representatives of state, public, scientific organizations, shareholders and heads of Russian production Twain, financial and service companies.

Within the framework of the event the following issues were discussed:

- Growth of influence of state regulators on private business against the backdrop of geopolitical instability - Russian specificity or global trend;

- Current tendencies and the mechanisms of involving the business in the world in the adoption of strategic decisions in the field of national development at the federal, regional and municipal levels;

- the importance of GR-communications for the development of the state and society, the formation of the investment climate. Existing forms of lobbying, mechanisms for achieving a balance between public and private well-being.

Also within the framework of the expert conference there will be a presentation of the Russian GR-Club and prospects for the development of GR communications in Russia.

"There is no GR-communications specialist in our company, I take it upon myself. But I very much hope for success in the future, as we are doing a lot of work in this direction ", - Tatyana Sokolov, CEO of MedicaTour Ltd.