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University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

The University Hospital Zurich provides an extensive range of medical services from primary to highly qualified medical care and is one of the largest and most well-known clinics in Switzerland.

Clinic specialists guarantee comprehensive individualized medical care, often going beyond their specialization. Advanced therapy methods are constantly being developed and applied in clinical practice in compliance with strict scientific criteria. Some methods of therapy are offered in Switzerland only by the University Hospital Zurich.

To receive first-class medical care, patients come to the clinic both from all over Switzerland and from abroad. Each year, about 38,000 inpatients and 134,000 outpatients are treated in 43 departments and institutes of the clinic.

The University Hospital of Zurich unites all areas of medicine under its roof, which allows you to use the latest methods of therapy to treat almost any disease.

The clinic employs 8500 specialists from 86 different countries, so it is well prepared to receive foreign patients. The departments and their research activities are integrated into the international network of medical institutions in more than 30 countries of the world.


The city of Zurich is conveniently located in the center of Europe and in the very center of Switzerland - it is easy for foreign patients to get to it both from nearby regions and from abroad. The university clinic is located in the very center of Zurich, so it takes only 20 minutes to get to the international airport by public or private transport.


In total, 1250 specialists from various fields of medicine work in the UCC. Due to the close relationship between clinical practice and research activities, doctors have the latest medical technology. The clinic has long-term relationships with the most famous medical and research institutions in Europe, North America and Asia.

Hospital Nursing Staff

2,500 nurses and nurses make up the largest group of staff at the UCC. The Center for Nursing and Clinical Care, the Design and Technology Group and the Medical Care and Technical Staff sector guarantee a high level of scientific standards, continuous development and use in hospital practice of the latest scientific research results. Of particular importance are patient safety and high quality care. One nurse serves about 8 patients, while in neighboring countries this ratio is 1:13.

Scientific research

Being a university clinic, the UCC through its activities creates the medicine of the future. Achievements of scientific research are being introduced into clinical practice, which provides patients with highly specialized medical care. About 2,000 UCC employees are engaged in scientific activities in almost all areas of medicine.

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