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Schmerzklinik Basel, Switzerland

Located in Basel, one of the largest cities in Switzerland, Schmerzklinik Basel has for many years been a leading clinic for the treatment of pain syndromes. Founded in 1978, the Basel Pain Clinic is the only Swiss private clinic specializing exclusively in the treatment of pain syndromes. 35 doctors and 110 medical workers treat patients with pain syndromes using an integrated multidisciplinary approach.

Thanks to their experience in treating pain syndromes, the clinic plays an important role in the local healthcare system, especially in the field of neurosurgery, neurology and rheumatology.

The clinic specializes in interventional diagnosis of pain, psychiatry and psychotherapy (including biological analysis and neuropsychology), alternative medicine (including traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy), rheumatology (including physiotherapy and manual therapy).

Schmerzklinik Basel is a center of excellence in the treatment of pain syndromes and interacts with other clinics of the GSMN network.

For the convenience of foreign patients, there is a medical coordination department where they can apply, including in Russian. The clinic also has accredited translators.

Leading specializations of Schmerzklinik Basel

- Alternative medicine

- Interventional diagnosis and treatment of pain syndromes

- Treatment and surgery

- Neurology, headache center

- Alternative and regulatory medicine

- Psychology and neuropsychology

- Psychiatry and psychotherapy

- Radiology

- Rheumatology, physiotherapy and manual therapy

- Physiotherapy

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