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Privatklinik Lindberg, Winterthur, Switzerland

Lindberg Clinic, a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH), is one of the best private clinics in Switzerland.

She offers her patients superior medical care in a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant environment.

The clinic is located in the hills of Lindberg, with a magnificent view of Winterthur. The clinic has 73 beds and 130 medical personnel. Annually 90 doctors of the clinic receive more than 2 700 patients.

The clinic specializes in neurosurgery of the spine, cardiology, visceral surgery, medicine of the musculoskeletal system, traumatology, gynecology, as well as reconstructive and plastic surgery.

An important area of ​​the Lindberg Clinic is the treatment of obesity and metabolic problems. It is the only center of excellence in this area on the GSMN network.

For the convenience of foreign patients, there is a medical coordination department where they can apply, including in Russian. The clinic also has accredited translators.

Leading Specializations at the Lindberg Clinic

- Center for Obesity and Metabolism

- Visceral surgery

- Orthopedics

- Urology

- Obstetrics and gynecology

- Neurosurgery of the spine

- Gastroenterology

- Plastic and reconstructive surgery

- Otorhinolaryngology

- Cardiology

- General surgery

- Traumatology

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