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Leukerbad Clinic, Switzerland

Since 1961, the Leukerbad Clinic in Switzerland has been recognized as a recognized and advanced medical center specializing in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, in particular after surgical interventions or injuries, as well as in the treatment of chronic, degenerative or inflammatory diseases.

Specializing also in the field of preventive and sports medicine, it provides patients with a full range of advantages of an effective and reliable medical infrastructure, which was completely modernized in 2015.

The knowledge and experience of medical activity, the quality of medical care, infrastructure and elite hotel services make the clinic a unique medical institution in an exceptional place.

Leukerbad Clinic Benefits

Undergoing treatment at the Leukerbad Clinic, patients benefit from the healing effects of natural factors that enhance the therapeutic effect of the programs:

- ideal altitude, stimulating the production of red blood cells to improve oxygen supply to cells

- clean and invigorating mountain air

- An impressive mountain amphitheater, conducive to serenity and relaxation

- two pools with mineral-rich thermal water with a healing effect

The Loch-les-Bains thermal water, known for its healing properties since the time of the Roman Empire, contains mainly calcium sulfate, or, in other words, gypsum. Hot water containing gypsum has a beneficial effect in rheumatic diseases and alleviates the effects of injuries.

Clinic stay

Upon arrival at the clinic, each patient undergoes a full medical examination, which allows the medical teams of the Leukerbad clinic to develop an individual course of treatment.

Using the support and support of specialists, patients have the opportunity to engage in any kind of sports activity or relaxation, such as water gymnastics, swimming, fitness, Nordic walking and yoga.

Treatment programs at the Leukerbad Clinic

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