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ELZA Eye Institute, Zurich, Switzerland

“We not only use modern technologies in ophthalmology - we develop them ourselves.” And this is a hallmark of the clinic-institute ELZA. Even for Switzerland, ELZA is not an ordinary eye clinic.

Patients from all over the world come to the clinic.

Many hospitals have modern equipment. Many of them have experienced surgeons. But far from everywhere, clinics have research teams with a world-class reputation.

ELZA has all three necessary components: the most modern equipment, developed with the participation of clinic specialists; Experienced surgeons of world renown and a team of researchers using practical experience in the field of prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

Swiss medicine

There are reasons why Swiss medicine is the highest quality and most successful. And this is not only due to clean air and beautiful nature.

The Swiss healthcare system is unique. Most Swiss citizens can choose any doctor in the country for their treatment, and this service is covered by their basic insurance. Each patient wants to be operated by the best surgeon, so the main criterion for selection is the quality of service and the highest possible level of offers. This distinguishes Switzerland from other countries.

That's why people from all over the world come for treatment in Switzerland: the Swiss quality of medicine. All this is embodied by the ELZA clinic.

Thanks to a combination of research activities, modern equipment and experience, ELZA, even for Switzerland, is a unique eye clinic.

Laser refractive surgery

ELZA is well versed in laser surgery and treats everything from the simplest to the most complex cases.

Thanks to their participation in research and clinical trials, clinic specialists have a deep understanding of the structure of the cornea. Knowledge spans the range from the molecule to the person. At ELZA, you will examine your cornea to the smallest detail so that the treatment is truly individual.

Only after a detailed study, based on many years of experience, an individual treatment plan is drawn up for each patient.

What else you need to know more about contactless treatment with the latest laser: unlike most clinics, ELZA is not just a user of laser devices - clinic specialists are involved in their development. ELZA works in a wide range - from simple correction of myopia to the most complicated cases that come from surgeons around the world.

Keracotonus. Corneal Crosslinking

If you have keratoconus and you are reading this text, then be aware that corneal crosslinking (CXL) is the only treatment that can stop or slow down the development of this disease.

ELZA surgeons and scientists are world leaders in the studies of keratoconus and cross-linking, which were at the origins of this type of treatment, and their work is decisive in this area.

ELZA surgeons were the first to use this type of treatment for ectasia after LASIK, pelicidal marginal degeneration, Terjen’s disease and even keratoglobus.

ELZA is the only center in the world capable of conducting individual (taking into account the thickness of the cornea) and adapted (taking into account the shape and location of the cone) crosslinking.


What is the point of doing plastic surgery if it leaves noticeable marks? Many people after surgery for centuries do not look younger, but only as survivors of plastic surgery. Why? They may have removed too much skin or shortened the muscle too much.

Creating a young, and most importantly, natural, image is a creative work. Many years of experience are needed for such an outcome of the operation to be permanent.

Dr. Dion Parrides, Consulting Surgeon, PhD, is globally recognized and one of the most experienced oculoplasty surgeons in the world. He has performed over 30,000 oculoplastic procedures, and this suggests that after the operation you will look excellent, without any visible signs of surgery.

Orbital surgery

In cases of orbital decompression to improve the symptoms and type of bulging eyes with Base disease or removal of a tumor, evisceration or enucleation, the experience of the surgeon is invariably crucial. Therefore, for cosmetic surgery or surgery for medical reasons, be aware that ELZA surgeons performed more than anyone else in the world.

For example, Dr. Dion Pariden has performed more than 2,000 orbital operations.

Cataract surgery

To operate a cataract is not just replacing clouded lenses with transparent plastic ones. Cataract surgery is a refractive surgery. To reach the lens, light must pass through the optical system. That is why in the clinic we thoroughly examine the cornea, lenses and retina before taking anything.

The team together with you will try to understand what vision will suit you after the operation, and will draw up an individual treatment plan to achieve the best result.

If you want to have sharp vision - with or without glasses - the clinic will offer you a wide selection of technologies and lenses that will provide excellent vision after surgery. ELZA has the most advanced surgical instruments and femtosecond lasers, as well as access to the latest, most advanced lenses. All of this was designed to provide trouble-free operation and the best vision for the future.

Corneal surgery

Whether laser is used to treat irregular astigmatism and corneal scars, or for transplantation of the entire cornea, ELZA surgeons are world leaders in this area.

ELZA surgeons have the most comprehensive corneal knowledge acquired over 20 years of research and clinical practice and share their knowledge with others: many surgeons learn advanced corneal transplantation techniques (e.g. DMEK) and therapeutic laser corneal surgery.

Glaucoma. Proper pressure reduction

A revolution has occurred in the treatment of glaucoma over the past 10 years. From eye drops and serious drainage operations in the clinic went
to a new stage of lasers and microinvasive surgery of glaucoma (IIHG).

For MIHG to produce the desired result, microstents that restore in the eye and natural drainage paths must be correctly installed.

The ELZA team includes surgeons specializing in glaucoma, MIHG, laser treatment and the originators of these methods who know exactly what needs to be done.

Therefore, if you just want to use fewer eye drops to control pressure, or you need more serious intervention to control intraocular pressure, ELZA specialists can provide the highest level of treatment based on the latest technology and best practices.

ELZA Achievements

Scientific papers cited by other scientists more than 10,000 times
Global PowerList ranked the most influential people in ophthalmology; ELZA employees have been members of it 6 times in the last 5 years, which is unprecedented for an institute of this magnitude.
Clinical and scientific research of the clinic (532 works to date) are published in leading ophthalmological, medical and scientific journals.

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