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Bad Ragaz Resort, Switzerland

The healing qualities of Bad Ragaz waters were discovered in 1242 by Benedictine monks. In the local gorge of Tamina, they found a hot spring, bathing in which brought relief to tired bodies. Since then, sufferers began to flock here, wishing to experience the power of local waters on themselves. Almost no disappointed.

In 1840, with the help of wooden pipes, water from the source began to be sent directly to Bad Ragaz, thereby officially witnessing the opening of the first mineral resort in Switzerland. And the aristocracy from all over the Old World, including from Russia, reached the town.

Cuisine and restaurants of the resort

The status of one of the most fashionable resorts in Switzerland implies the presence of special restaurants. And in Bad Ragaz they understand this: here you can find cuisines for every taste, the most fashionable chefs and the richest wine cards. For example, maestro Renato Wusta paired with Tadashi Aoki runs a ball at the Bel-Air restaurant (international and Japanese cuisine, a dress code jacket for dinner). Live piano sounds and light cocktails can be enjoyed at Quellenhof Bar. Gourmets will find themselves in the Abtestube restaurant, you just have to say that the great Roland Schmidt works here as a chef (a jacket is also required for dinner). Look for traditional Swiss cuisine in the Zollstube restaurant, and Mediterranean cuisine in Olives. And this is just the tip of the gastronomic iceberg of Bad Ragaz.

Treatment in Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz waters with a temperature of +36.5 ° C make their way from the cliff into the gorge at an altitude of 685 meters above sea level. Every minute, 8,000 liters of amazing water come out of the source to the surface. Each liter contains 420 mg of minerals (these are calcium, magnesium, sulfate and others). You can experience the miraculous power of life-giving moisture in one of Bad Ragaz spa complexes or in the Tamina public baths. They include an outdoor pool with streams, waterfalls and grottoes, as well as two indoor pools. Guests of the Grand Hotel can get into the baths directly without going outside. The Altes Bad Pfafers baths and the Quellenhof's spa are also popular.

Indications for treatment

Physiotherapy, therapeutic baths, massage, ergotherapy, kinesitherapy, inhalation, Chinese medicine, MRI, therapeutic exercises, exercises to develop muscles, ligaments, joints after injuries and operations, as well as comprehensive weight loss and beauty programs. All kinds of spa programs and complexes for face and body stand apart.

Cardiovascular diseases; recovery from injuries and operations; diseases of the nervous system (sleep disturbance, stress, overwork) and respiratory system; metabolic recovery; overweight correction; diseases of the musculoskeletal system and rheumatic diseases.

Leisure and attractions of the resort of Bad Ragaz

Most of the local beauties are natural. Therefore, the number one attraction here is, of course, the amazingly beautiful Tamina Gorge. Following him are the most beautiful alpine lakes and, of course, the Alps themselves. It is best to study the local “monuments” during walks, for example, on horses, in winter - on skis.

For an active holiday, a golf course, tennis courts, and a local ski resort are responsible. Cultural enrichment can be in the city art gallery, at one of the concerts that take place during the season, as well as in the surrounding castles and ancient churches. Get an adrenaline rush in the casino.

Every fall in Bad Ragaz, local hotels organize a pathos wine festival, during which you can not only get acquainted with the exquisite products of the vine of the best wine houses in the world, but also try the famous Swiss cheeses.

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