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Alta Uro Urology Clinic, Basel, Switzerland

Heading the urology department of the University Hospital in Basel in Switzerland for many years, the specialists at Alta Uro Clinic have extensive clinical experience and a high reputation at the regional and international levels.

Specialists of the urological clinic Alta Uro are the authors of many publications, initiators of scientific research and are members of various international urological colleges.

Alta Uro Clinic guarantees expertise at the highest level of modern urology.

Services of the urological clinic Alta Uro

- One of the largest examinations on the use of green laser for benign prostatic hyperplasia in Europe

- Laser and minimally invasive surgery for prostatic hyperplasia (also Urolift, Rezum)

- Laparoscopic surgery for kidney and prostate cancer using a Da Vinci robot

- Focal therapy for prostate cancer (irreversible electroporation - nanoskin)

- Modern diagnostics and treatment of urolithiasis (endoscopic removal of stones, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy)

- Complex surgery for oncological diseases of the genitourinary and urinary system, including the removal of metastases

- Reconstructive surgery of the urethra, including implantation of an artificial sphincter (AMS 800), for male urinary incontinence

- Surgical treatment of errectile dysfunction, including implantation of the penis prosthesis (AMS 700)

- Operational andrology

- Man's health

- Chronic urinary tract infections in women

- BCG therapy for bladder cancer

- Urodynamic diagnosis

- Prevention and early recognition of risk for women and men

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