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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental medicine, Seoul, South Korea

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental medicine in Seoul specializes in the treatment of all types of diseases of the spine and joints, including osteochondrosis and herniated intervertebral discs. Spinal treatment in the Hospital is carried out non-invasively. A combination of medical techniques such as acupuncture, spinal chiun manual therapy, pharmacopuncture, physiotherapy, and herbal medicines are used.

Treatment program

The recommended treatment program in Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine is 2-3 weeks 5 times a week.

After this program herbal preparations with anti-inflammatory and strengthening effect should be taken continuously for 6 months (depending on the results).


  • Consultation - 40$
  • Reception - 170-190$
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (if necessary; because it is possible to use existing images) is about 700$ (MRI of one section of the spine, X-ray, blood test)
  • Herbal preparations are about 1000$ for the amount of the drug intended to be taken within one month

1) Outpatient treatment for 2 weeks (10 treatments) - 4,500$; 3 weeks (15 procedures) - 6,000$ (the price includes treatment and drugs for 1 month)

2) Inpatient treatment for 2 weeks in a 2-bed ward - 7,800$; in the 1-bed ward - 10,500$ (the price includes accommodation, meals, treatment and medicines for 1 month).

The treatment at the hospital is more intensive, 2 times a day the patient meets with the attending doctor and 1 time per day the doctor on duty conducts treatment in the war

According to clinical studies, 95% of patients with spinal diseases (in cases when spinal surgery was recommended) are completely cured after undergoing treatment in Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine.

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