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Stem cells therapy clinic in Moscow, Russia

Stem cells therapy in Moscow, Russia

The clinic has been engaged in the development, testing, production and introduction of new medicinal, cosmetic and prophylactic products based on biomedical cell products for more than 9 years.

A new medical technology for the production of high-quality mesenchymal stem cells from the human bone marrow, obtained with puncture of the sternum or iliac bone from donors, has been developed. It is based on the multiplication in culture under strictly defined conditions of a net population of mesenchymal stem cells to 100-500 million from a small initial amount of bone marrow (0.5-1.0 ml). This amount is sufficient for effective cell therapy.

The clinic has permission to use the new medical technology of the Federal Service for Supervision in Health and Social Development No. FS No. 2010/359 "Fence, cultivation of EX VIVO multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells of the human bone marrow and their storage" from 21.09.2010.

Moscow clinic has its own bank of human bone marrow stem cells, and it is also possible to deliver a biological product to its destination.

The production of cellular products is carried out on modern equipment by highly qualified specialists in accordance with the enterprise standard. A large research work was carried out to create a composition consisting of mesenchymal stem cells and a product of their vital activity, a conditioned medium.

The Moscow clinic offers a real alternative to standard treatment, cooperates with the best specialists of various medical fields, who have many years of experience and a rich history of victories over various diseases. New medical technologies and products have been developed that have no analogues in their effectiveness.

Prices for stem cells therapy in Moscow are 3-3.5 times cheaper than similar treatment in other countries.

  • Practically painless procedure for taking material
  • Storage in a modern stem cells bank
  • Extensive spectrum of application of own cells
  • Short time of growing the cellular material
  • The possibility of using stem cells by all family members
  • Unique lines of cosmetics based on your cells
  • Flexible pricing policy and individual approach
  • Modern technology used in the world practice

Areas of application of mesenchymal stem cells

- Diseases of the cardiovascular system (myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure, cardiomyopathy, etc.)
- Diseases of the nervous system (trauma of the brain and spinal cord, strokes, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
- Postural damage of various organs and tissues
- Diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot
- Liver disorders (hepatitis, cirrhosis)
- Destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, resistant to antituberculous therapy
- Autoimmune diseases
- Trophic skin lesions, developed against a background of venous insufficiency, obliterating endarteritis; decubitus
- Burns (thermal, chemical, radiation)
- Aesthetic dermatology
- General health improvement (revitalization)

Benefits of stem cells therapy

- No side effects
- Material created by nature itself
- Minimal contraindications for use
- Simple and painless procedure of administration
- In some cases, the result is visible after a single injection
- Absence of problems in the availability of cellular material, since it can be reproduced practically indefinitely
- Mesenchymal stem cells are used if:
- Standard treatment does not help
- It is necessary to quickly restore body functions
- To improve the quality of life and its duration
- To find beauty and youth
- Prevent occurrence or stop the development of diseases

Personal Biological Insurance

Today the level of medical technology is at an unprecedented height, and the whole world is smoothly moving from mass treatment to personalized ones. The Moscow clinic has a staff of highly qualified specialists with vast experience and its own laboratory equipped with all international standards. Based on many years of experience, a unique product has been created that will enable you and your loved ones to maintain health and youth for years to come.

It is about "personal biological insurance". Its concept is that you or your relatives can hand over a piece of their own biological material for storage and later use it for treatment, prevention or rejuvenation. Your material is banked and placed in the cryobank. You can use it at any time to carry out cellular therapy for the disease or its prevention, as well as to maintain overall body health and prolong youth and longevity.

Scientific works say that our bodies have a certain number of mesenchymal stem cells, which after 30 years begin to decline. This leads to a decrease in immunity and protective properties of the body and, accordingly, to loss of efficiency, aging and makes the body unable to combat various diseases. The uniqueness of the clinic's product is that once your cells are handed over once, your entire family can use them almost unlimited times.

You can also get a unique opportunity to use your own cells in various products, be it skin care cream, gel for wound healing and burns, as well as shampoos, masks, sprays, etc. All this is due to the technology of the main one in creating a conditioned environment containing metabolic products of mesenchymal stem cells. You can maintain skin health at home using the resource of your own organism, namely your own stem cells.

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