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Revital Park

SPA Resort Clinic "Revital Park"

SPA Resort Clinic "Revital Park" has leading position in the Russian spa resort industry. Has its own proprietary methodology for natural health improvement and is focused on therapeutic and rehabilitation medicine, and weight improvement programs.

“Revital Park” is located in a forested area not far from Moscow.

Clinic has 95 rooms, which has everything you need for a good rest.

More than 6000 square meters of space have been allocated for medical and health procedures. The clinic combines the comfort and service of a four-star hotel with modern approaches to restorative treatment and diet therapy.

Medical programs

The key areas of focus are health improvement programs designed for detoxication, weight and body management, the prophylaxis and treatment of metabolic diseases as well as the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and gastrointestinal diseases.

  • Medical purification and rehabilitation programs.
  • Weight improvement programs.
  • Dietetic support.
  • Spa recreation, spa treatment and care.
  • Family countryside recreation.
  • Ayurveda, stone therapy.
  • And more.

Programs include:

  • Medical support with dietetic/ fasting meals.
  • General physician/physiatrist consultation and supervision.
  • Diagnostic examination for medical reasons.
  • Health-related procedures: swimming in the swimming pool with a bathing complex, training in the gym and group training halls, terrain cure, pharmaceutical treatment as prescribed by attending physician.


Opening of the Wellness Club served as an integration into physical exertion programs during health improvement:

  • Fitness testing.
  • Rehabilitation programs.
  • Recovery programs.
  • Spa area with saunas and a hamam.
  • 25 meter long swimming pool.
  • Newly equipped gym.
  • Group training halls.

Additional services

  • More than 60 types of health improvement, cosmetic and SPA treatment.
  • The restaurant offers cooking classes on healthy food.
  • The tea bar invites guests to Tea ceremonies, tasting of herbal teaspoons and various varieties of elite tea.
  • To make the stay at our resort even more enjoyable, we hold live music nights "At the piano".

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