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IVF Clinic ECO in Samara, Russia

IVF Clinic "ECO" in Samara, Russia

IVF Clinic "ECO" specializes on infertility treatment.  Since 2007, we have been working as a well-coordinated and effective team, focusing exclusively on the reproductive technologies. We have no restrictions in terms of age and marital status: we help both couples and single women or men. According to independent surveys and awards, the patients emphasize comfort and customer-oriented service of the "ECO" Clinic.

"ECO" has a reputation as a clinic where we can cope with hopeless situations. We are experts in what we do, so we specialize in the most difficult cases of infertility:

  • IVF/ICSI programs for patients aged 35+;
  • IVF in cases of low ovarian reserve;
  • donor infertility treatment programs (using donor eggs, sperm or embryos);
  • surrogacy.

Efficiency is the pride of "ECO" Clinic. The infertility treatment efficiency in our Clinic reaches: in standard IVF programs - up to 53%, in donor programs - up to 63%.The high efficiency level of the clinic is confirmed by professional awards.

In Clinic there is a competitive cost of medical services. Compared to other countries, we offer competitive prices for our services. For instance, the standard IVF procedure costs from 2 000 euros.

The "ECO" Clinic is located in Samara – the famous Russian resort city.

Advantages of Clinic

1) “ECO” is the first Russian clinic certified by Temos internationa. In May 2018, clinic was the first in Russia to receive a certificate of quality of medical services from Temos international on reproductive medicine.

2) Also in May 2018, the clinic became a partner of the European Diplomatic Council to the United Nations.

3) The clinic specializes in surrogate motherhood, which has already been used by patients from different countries. Benefits:

  • A wide catalog of surrogate mothers, as well as egg donors and sperm.
  • No queuing for surrogate motherhood and donor programs.
  • Examination of donors and surrogate mothers for a number of genetic diseases (you can be sure that they are healthy).
  • Full legal support of medical services by specialized law firms. The rights of biological parents and their newborns will be guaranteed, including in Russian courts.

4) An important advantage of the clinic is the doctors who work here. In Russia, such specialists are said to have “golden hands” - this means that everything works out for them. The doctors of the clinic are members of ESHRE, RAHR (Russian Association of Human Reproduction), as well as specialists with a scientific degree. The medical director of the clinic, Anna Ryzhova, is recognized as the best reproductive specialist in Samara according to patient reviews.

5) The clinic has the best service for foreign patients.

  • The staff of the international department of the clinic speak English and German. The attending doctors speak English.
  • Make an appointment and communicate with your doctor through a special online form or by WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat
  • The preliminary stage of treatment (collection of tests and documents, preparation for IVF) is carried out remotely.
  • A wide range of additional services has been developed for patients: medical concierge, hotel booking, air ticket purchase, organization of a cultural program during their stay in the city.
  • Organized proper balanced five meals a day Asian, European and Russian cuisine.
  • At the onset of pregnancy - it is remotely accompanied on its early terms.
  • Documents are sent by the transport companies DHL and Major at the expense of the recipient (according to the price list of the companies DHL and Major).
  • Organizing of a council of doctors.
  • Help in obtaining a visa.
  • An extract from the outpatient card for infertility treatment, including copies of laboratory tests in English.
  • Provide translation services (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese).

6) A number of free services for patients to make their stay at the IVF clinic and in Samara enjoyable and memorable.

  • Doctor support 24/7 in English (on Viber, Skype, WeChat, or email).
  • Transfer from Samara airport to the clinic and back.
  • Search for accommodation options and booking accommodation.

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