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IVF in Moscow, Russia

IVF in Russia. Best clinic in Moscow

Recently, a new high-tech center for IVF has been opened in Moscow, which is ready to compete with well-known world centers of artificial insemination in the world. The use of innovative technologies in it increases the effectiveness and as a result, 80% of women become pregnant.

Advantages of IVF clinic in Moscow

- Department of IVF with advanced laboratories of reproductive genetics, andrology and embryology, which meet world standards in terms of the complexity of the tasks facing modern reproductive technology

- Own CryoBank, which has donor sperm, donor ovums and high-quality embryos for carrying out donor IVF programs, which ensures the success of IVF with the donor ovum and allows to achieve the maximum likeness of the donor and future mother

- No age restrictions

- Management of pregnancy, including high-risk pregnancy, expert ultrasound diagnosis of malformations of the fetus

- The clinic employs an international team of highly qualified specialists who is in constant cooperation with the laboratory of preimplantation genetics of the University of London, leading institutions and laboratories of the world - BGI Europe and Ingenomix (Spain)

- Unique high-tech equipment, including computerized systems of morphological selection of spermatozoa and laser equipment for precise micromanipulation, modern medical design using seamless monolithic structures resistant to all kinds of infections and innovative engineering solutions that provide work under sterile conditions with high efficiency of the treatment process

- Complex approach with the use of advanced methods of treatment of gynecological diseases and the violation of reproductive function in the obstetrics and gynecology department, including surgical interventions of any volume

Cost and description of the IVF programs in Moscow with a donor ovum

The clinic offers a wide range of IVF programs with donor fresh ovums, namely: on the basis of modern technologies, the clinic has developed highly effective donor IVF programs, with the possibility of step-by-step payment as they are performed. Since IVF with a donor ovum does not always give a positive result on the first occasion, programs with a guarantee and payment compensation are offered if after 3 or more transfers of embryos a viable pregnancy can not be reached.

Cost of IVF with a donor ovum depends on the number of cycles and oocytes.

IVF program "All inclusive"

Includes one attempt of IVF, 4 donor oocytes, embryological stage + ICSI on all cells and transfer of embryos.

The price is 178,000 rubles.

Step-by-step IVF programs with donor oocytes

The program includes 6 or more oocytes, the first cycle of IVF is all-inclusive with transfer of embryos.

The price is 182,000 rubles.

IVF Program "SMART" with a guaranted result

Stages of the program:

- The first cycle - 208,000 rubles (fertilization of four ovums with transfer of embryos)

- The second cycle - 142,000 rubles (fertilization of four ovums with transfer of embryos)

- The third cycle - 25,000 rubles (transfer of stored embryos)

208,000 rubles - compensation in the absence of a viable pregnancy (registered fetal heartbeat with ultrasound examination) after three cycles with embryo transfer.

Conditions for joining the IVF program in Moscow

- Lack of pathology of the uterus and uterine cavity

- Absence of diseases and conditions that complicate the development of pregnancy

- Normal indices of spermogram

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