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International Lumbago Clinic, Japan

International Lumbago Clinic is a clinic specializing in the treatment of lower back pain caused by various diseases of the spine. The clinic can treat intervertebral hernias, stenosis of the spinal canal of the lumbar, degeneration of the intervertebral discs, etc.

In addition, the clinic’s doctors are ready to help patients who were denied other medical facilities, as well as those who were not helped by the operation.

The clinic has 5 basic methods:

  • Disksiil therapy (restoration of damaged intervertebral discs);
  • Diskogel therapy;
  • Hybrid laser treatment;
  • Treatment with ozone;
  • Laser treatment.

Many techniques are not widely used in the world. For example, discsil therapy (regenerative therapy) is carried out in only two clinics: in Japan - at the International Lumbago Clinic - and in America. The methods of treatment are constantly being improved. Clinic doctors actively exchange experience with foreign colleagues.

Access to the intervertebral discs is carried out under local anesthesia through a puncture in the back with a special needle with a diameter of less than 1 mm. Due to this, the risk of complications is minimal.

Another feature of the International Lumbago Clinic is the lack of hospitalization. An extract from the clinic occurs 1–1.5 hours after the completion of the procedure. Subsequent outpatient treatment is also not required.

For international patients, the International Lumbago Clinic has a remote diagnostic service. Based on the medical history and MRI images, the doctors determine the possibility of treatment and offer the most suitable technique in each case.

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