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Pediatric Heart Surgery Department of San Donato Cardiology Center, Milan, Italy

The pediatric department of heart surgery at the San Donato Clinic is one of the most important European centers for neonatal cardiac surgery.

Regarding mitral defect in infants and children, Dr. Frigola is the only surgeon in Italy who, as an alternative to other types of surgery, uses the method of mitral valve replacement with the Melody biological valve.

The department also engages in hybrid heart surgery, collaborating with a team of cardiologists. During its existence, the department has become an important Italian center for adult cardiac surgery.

  • 38 beds, including 18 with a full monitoring system for semi-intensive care
  • Support for the postoperative intensive care unit (head of the professor A. Dzangrillo), with 14 beds, equipped with the most advanced support systems for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Echocardiography services (head: Dr. Giovanni La Canna), the department is equipped with the most modern equipment (three-dimensional echocardiography)

For preoperative examination and postoperative observation, we offer the services of an outpatient cardiac surgery clinic, as well as clinics specializing in specific diseases (outpatient clinic for heart surgery, outpatient clinic for arrhythmia surgery, outpatient clinic for valvulopathy, outpatient clinic for percutaneous procedures: TAVI and Mitra).

Mitral Valve Reparative Surgery

The San Raffaele branch is a national and international center for reparative mitral valve surgery (about 500 operations per year), atrial fibrillation surgery, heart failure surgery and obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy surgery. You can get advice from specialists in the cardio-thoracic-vascular department.

The department has developed a unique technique for surgical correction of the mitral valve (“Alfieri mitral valve correction” or “edge to edge”), which is now used worldwide.

Heart failure surgery (an alternative to transplantation) is performed on a large number of patients. To evaluate the results, innovative and sophisticated methods are used (pressure-volume curves with catheter conductivity), which helps to better understand the mechanisms of various operations and improve surgical indications.

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

The Santo Ambrogio Clinical Institute's Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Department is one of the most popular and innovative surgical centers, because this method allows performing operations on the heart and nearby structures, minimizing the burden on the patient.

All operations are performed using a special 3-dimensional column, which provides better visibility. The method used depends on the specific disease, but they all have a shorter recovery time, fewer scars and blood loss.

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