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Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation of San Donato Cardiology Center, Milan, Italy

  • 50 beds
  • More than 1000 patients per year
  • Average length of stay: 17days

The Cardiology Rehabilitation Department of the San Donato Research Clinic is equipped with high-level non-invasive instruments for diagnosing heart disease.

All inpatient departments of the hospital are equipped with ECG telemonitoring systems. The control system for simulators and ergometers with integrated ECG, heart rate and oxygen saturation control provides the best that modern technology can offer. This system allows you to safely and efficiently design and implement individual, customizable and flexible exercise programs.

Since the opening of the cardiological rehabilitation unit, thanks to the qualifications and experience of the staff in evaluating patients, developing suitable physical exercise programs and careful monitoring by physiotherapists and cardiologists, during the course of more than 18,000 physical therapy courses, no significant accident or serious cardiac event has occurred .

The Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation offers services such as echocardiography, stress test, daily ECG monitoring and outpatient monitoring of blood pressure, monitoring of energy consumption and activity.

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