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Oncology Center San Donato, Milan, Italy

Oncology Center of San Donato Hospital Group is one of Italy's leading specialized cancer medical centers.

Center employees work closely with each other to create a well-integrated multidisciplinary team working in the following areas:

  • surgery
  • oncology
  • diagnostic radiology
  • radiotherapy
  • nuclear medicine
  • pathology
  • oncological psychology
  • plastic / reconstructive surgery

Each case is discussed by experts collectively. Diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives always reach the patient.

Treatment directions

  • gastroenterological surgery: cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the stomach, cancer of the small intestine, cancer of the colon and rectum, cancer of the anal canal (examination of the lymph nodes)
  • hematology (blood cancer)
  • hepatobiliary system (liver cancer)
  • gynecology (tumors of the female genital apparatus (benign and malignant tumors))
  • Department of Mammology (breast cancer)
  • pancreas (adenocarcinoma, cystic tumors, endocrine tumors)
  • urology (tumors of the male urogenital apparatus)
  • ophthalmology (conjunctival tumors, eye cancer, intraocular tumors)
  • dermatology (melanoma)
  • neurosurgery and gamma knife (brain tumors (benign and malignant tumors))
  • endocrinology (thyroid tumors, parathyroid tumors, adrenal tumors)
  • thoracic surgery (mediastinal tumors, lung tumors, tracheal tumors, diaphragm tumors, pleural tumors)
  • otolaryngology (nasal tumors, paranasal sinus tumors, oral tumors, ear tumors, salivary gland tumors)
  • orthopedics (orthopedic oncology, medical oncology)
  • medical oncology
  • medical genetics

Some diseases require surgical treatment. In such cases, the period between the first visit to the hospital and the start of treatment is reduced to 15 days. For patients, special psychological assistance is provided.

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