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IVF Center San Donato, Milan, Italy

The San Donato Hospitals Group is the flagship healthcare in Italy, thanks to the know-how and vast experience of doctors, nurses and the entire professional staff.

Among the various profiles and high-quality centers aimed at comprehensive support of health, special attention is paid to artificial insemination (IVF), which is represented in the 3 leading structures of the Group.

San Raffaelle Research Hospital

Since 2002, there has been a Reproduction Center at its base, one of the leading centers in Europe, which offers innovative techniques in the field of artificial insemination (1st, 2nd and 3rd levels).

In addition to these services, the Department also offers the latest techniques for cryopreservation of gametes and social freezing (eggs and cryopreservation of ovarian tissue). The innovativeness of the Department’s research activities and a large volume of scientific publications are among the highest world standards.

Brescia Clinical City Institute

The Department of Reproductive Medicine offers both traditional techniques (IVF, ICSI, ICSI-PESA), as well as methods for monitoring the embryo and cryobank of eggs, embryos and sperm. The use of endoscopic surgery technologies in the pathophysiology of the reproductive system allows couples with conception problems to undergo surgery rather than resort to artificial insemination.

The hospital also uses special lasers for gynecological operations. This method is particularly suitable for conservative surgery, the purpose of which is to restore fertility, it also reduces the duration of operations and the hospitalization period.

Zucchi Clinical Institute

At its base is the Center for Reproductive Biogenesis, one of the most famous Italian centers for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. At the moment, it is the largest center in Italy for the treatment of MAP, in a year there are 2400 treatment sessions.

The program of the Center for artificial insemination, which pays special attention to polycystic ovaries, is the largest in Europe.

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