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Sheba Medical Center, Israel

Sheba Medical Center provides medical services to patients from all over the world and is the largest in Israel and the region. The Sheba buildings, located on an extensive campus, are equipped with the latest in modern science and include a full range of specialized medical departments. Sheba practices a holistic approach in the treatment of each patient, based on the results of advanced research and clinical practice.

Sheba Center offers its patients from all over the world a wide range of specialized services in different languages, including the latest imaging technologies, advanced surgical operations, laboratory testing, innovative cancer treatments and advanced rehabilitation programs.

Main institutions of Sheba Medical Center

  • Oncology center
  • Medical Educational Academic Campus
  • Medical Research Complex
  • Emergency hospital
  • Children Hospital
  • Gynecological hospital
  • Rehabilitation hospital

Sheba's consultants compose an individual treatment package that precisely meets all the personal and medical needs of the patient. Each patient is also assigned a coordinator, who becomes the main contact person and provides the necessary assistance and support at all stages of stay in Sheba.


The Sheba Cancer Center Cancer Center is not only part of the largest hospital in Israel, but also the absolute leader in cancer treatment in the country.


The Sheba Oncohematology Department is equipped with the latest scientific progress using advanced technology.

Blood cancer is a fairly rare disease, and its treatment can be difficult, so it is extremely important to seek the help of experienced specialists. Shiba oncohematologists have been trained in the leading oncological centers of the world, are highly qualified, and provide advanced solutions that include medical, surgical and radiation treatments based on the latest specialized studies. They also pay great attention not only to improving the treatment process, but also to maintaining the patient's quality of life at the proper level in this difficult period of the fight against oncology.


Surgeons in Shiba not only perform complex operations, but also conduct active research, publishing the results of their research in a number of prestigious scientific journals.


Being the national rehabilitation clinic in Israel, the clinic offers individualized medical care, which includes a wide range of rehabilitation services after illnesses, injuries and surgical interventions.

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

One of the most critical aspects of medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, and coronary artery disease. The Levaev Cardiology Center provides high-quality integrative cardiological care to patients suffering from these diseases.


Edmond and Lily Safra Children's Hospital specializes exclusively in treating children and is completely isolated from adult patients. The medical center consists of highly specialized departments and provides a wide range of medical services of the highest level, based on an individual approach to each small patient.

Sheba entered the list of ten best hospitals in the world

In 2020, Newsweek weekly re-listed Shiba on the prestigious list of the top ten hospitals in the world. Shiba has been named the leading center in medical science and biotechnological innovation, which skillfully adapts to the challenges of technology of the new century, along with providing the highest quality medical services. Shiba became the first hospital in Israel to receive the Golden Seal of the Joint International Commission (JCI) as an academic and clinical medical center. This award was first received in 2013, and it is assigned to us until 2022.

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