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Israeli Narcological Medical and Rehabilitation Center Nika-Israel

Israeli Drug Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center Nika-Israel is a leading medical center in Israel. The center provides treatment and rehabilitation for people suffering from various forms of addiction to psychoactive substances, such as: narcotic drugs, alcohol, various drugs, “salts”, “spice”, etc.

MRC Nika-Israel operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development of the State of Israel, which means that rehabilitation programs and drug treatment programs, such as withdrawal withdrawal and relief of withdrawal symptoms, are completely safe and carried out in accordance with strict Israeli medicine protocols.

The course of medical cleaning of the body (detoxification) is carried out on the basis of a hospital.

The treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in MRC Nika-Israel is carried out by highly qualified specialists. The center’s program is based on a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model of social adaptation developed by specialists. Lectures, field trips, sports, self-help groups, individual work of a psychologist with relatives, group classes with relatives, art therapy, sand therapy, gestalt therapy, psychodrama, all this and much more, the patient undergoes a therapeutic and rehabilitation program.

Psychological assistance to patients consists of:

- Psychodiagnostic examination of the patient, the purpose of which is to study individual personality characteristics, determine the rehabilitation potential, etc. Given the results of a psychological study, an individual plan of treatment and rehabilitation measures is drawn up;

- Psychocorrectional direction, which is implemented through individual forms of work and group work with patients.

The main tasks of psychological correction

- understanding by the patient of the main stages of the formation of drug addiction and awareness of the presence of manifestations, symptoms of the disease;

- work on the formation of motivation for treatment and sobriety;

- the formation of the patient's installation for a complete rejection of the consumption of surfactants;

- overcoming resistance to treatment, manifested by psychological defense mechanisms;

- teaching patients constructive communication skills;

- training in the skills of determining, predicting, suppressing and / or the ability to cope with high-risk situations;

- help the patient to know himself;

- understanding by patients of the need to visit self-help groups AA AA to maintain their sobriety.

Psychological assistance to relatives of narcological patients is an important link in the treatment and rehabilitation process. Without changes in the family system, it is almost impossible to count on effective treatment of patients. The program for helping parents and close relatives consists of two stages:

1. Lecture and practical classes, which are a course of lectures aimed at informing the audience, consolidating the knowledge gained through practical exercises.

2. Family psychotherapy, the main objectives of which are the formation of effective strategies for the behavior of parents in relation to the patient, the solution of problems of parent-child relationships and the normalization of family functioning.

Accomodation at Nika-Israel Center

Anyone suffering from addiction from any country in the world can receive treatment at MRC Nika-Israel. Patients in the center are provided with improved living conditions, each room has: cable TV, a bathroom, beds with orthopedic mattresses, a mini fridge, a wardrobe, bedside tables, writing instruments, and other necessary amenities.

On the territory of the center is a sports complex, as well as recreation areas, musical instruments. The territory of the center is equipped with video surveillance.

Treatment program cost

The treatment program in the center is designed for 90-180 days of hospital stay.

The cost of the program, lasting 90 days, is from $ 21,000.

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