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Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, Israel

The largest rehabilitation center Loewenstein in Israel is autonomous and specializes in all types of rehabilitation of children and adults. It is located in Raanana, a 20-minute drive from Tel Aviv.

The development of the Center's staff in various fields of medical rehabilitation is known worldwide. For example, the diagnostic system created by occupational therapists for the diagnosis of cognitive impairment after brain damage is used in most leading centers in different countries. And the scale developed by doctors for the functional assessment of patients with spinal cord injuries is recognized by the World Commission as the best system for evaluating patients in the field of spinal rehabilitation.

The building of the Levinstein Rehabilitation Center is equipped with overhead cranes for moving electric stretchers, making it easier to bathe patients, and working corners that allow each patient to use a computer. And the beds with integrated multimedia systems are located here so that the patients can enjoy a view of the landscapes of the Hasharon area from the window.

Types of rehabilitation in Loewenstein

Children from 3 years old, adolescents, young people, military personnel, adults suffering from functional impairment as a result of illnesses, civil and military accidents, traffic accidents and terrorist acts undergo rehabilitation treatment at the Levinstein Rehabilitation Center.

People with physical disabilities resulting from various surgical interventions, people with spinal and limb injuries, those who have suffered a stroke, patients with nervous system diseases such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, and children with various disorders and injuries are also treated.

The rehabilitation center accepts patients:

  • after operations, lesions and injuries of the spine and spinal cord
  • after craniocerebral and orthopedic injuries
  • after a stroke and neurosurgical operations
  • in minimal consciousness and vegetative state
  • with various brain diseases
  • children and adolescents in need of rehabilitation
  • with parkinson's disease
  • with multiple sclerosis

International JCI accreditation of Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center in Israel

The center is a recognized leader in the field of rehabilitation medicine due to a unique feature - the strict specialization of each department, and it has successfully passed accreditation according to international standards JCI (Joint Commission International), receiving 99.2 points.

The report confirming the fact of certification indicated that “the activities of the rehabilitation center are based on the work of a multidisciplinary team focused on providing patients with high-quality and safe treatment”. Moreover, the “security” parameter, like many other studied parameters of the Center’s work, is recognized to be impeccable.

The report also states that "the total mobilization of all Center staff for the benefit of the patient is characterized by a high measure of compassion and sympathy for the needs and problems of his and his family." Experts praised the connection of staff with families of patients who become active partners in the rehabilitation process.

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