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Dead Sea Clinic, Israel

The coast of the Dead Sea is located 400 meters below sea level - the lowest place on the Earth's surface. Treatment at the Dead Sea is very beneficial for the human body, the sea is rich in minerals.

Along the deserted, in places rocky shores, there are a large number of thermal springs and deposits of medicinal mud. All this, combined with a wonderful sunny dry climate and clean air, makes the Dead Sea coast a resort of world significance.

An important advantage of the surroundings of the Dead Sea, as a place of rest and tourism in Israel, is that a pleasant, interesting and informative pastime at the same time will improve your well-being, strengthen your health and even beneficially affect your appearance. In particular, mineral-rich sea water, hot spring water, mud applications will give your skin softness, elasticity and smoothness. This property of salts and minerals of the Dead Sea was known to people during the time of Queen Cleopatra.

Even a short stay on the coast will allow you to enjoy swimming in the waters of the Dead Sea and appreciate the healing properties of mud applications.

Treatment at the Dead Sea Clinic fundamentally changes the idea of ​​the healing process. Here, treatment is more reminiscent of pampering relaxation and entertainment than a set of therapeutic procedures. Staying at the Dead Sea resorts will be most useful for people suffering from skin diseases, as well as joint diseases, including arthritis, rheumatism and the consequences of sports injuries.

Details of the Dead Sea

In order to truly appreciate the merits of the Dead Sea, you need to get acquainted with the most important information about it. The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea, got its name because in its waters with a 30 percent concentration of salts and minerals, there are practically no living organisms. This explains the phenomenal property of water to hold your body on the surface, even if you are absolutely devoid of swimming skills.

Some minerals come to the surface from the depths of the earth's crust. Thermal waters, reaching the earth's surface, retain their temperature. They flow into the Dead Sea and into the hot springs of Mazor in Ein Gedi and the Zohar in Sodom.

In addition to the sources already indicated, the Dead Sea also feeds on freshwater springs along its coast and mountain streams. Both of them contain mineral mud, which subsequently settle on certain sections of the coast. This is peloid mud, which has an effective therapeutic effect when applied to the skin and joints.

In addition to this, the hot desert climate provides intensive evaporation, creating a high concentration of oxygen and bromines in the coastal air. This has a relaxing effect on the body, which, combined with the absence of harmful impurities in the air, improves well-being, helps get rid of some forms of allergies.

Skin diseases are treated mainly with a dosed exposure to direct sunlight. It was established that the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation significantly reduces the thicker atmospheric layer (an additional 395 meters) and the vapor layer in the air, which acts as a kind of filter. All this allows you, without fear of burns, to be under the healing rays of the sun for a long time.

If you correctly use the recommendations of the clinic’s specialists, then after ten days of exposure to the sun, the skin clears, and this feeling persists for a long time after completing the treatment at the Dead Sea, upon returning home.

People suffering from joint diseases will benefit from a stay in the dry climate of the Dead Sea. Painful sensations also weaken when swimming on the sea surface, since the "state of weightlessness" reduces the load on the joints.

The therapeutic effect of treatment at the Dead Sea can also be developed using applications of peloid mud, mud wrap and immersion in mineral pools fed by natural sulfur sources.

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