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Krankenhaus Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt, Germany

The clinic is located in the heart of Frankfurt, 300 meters from the town hall and is an innovative, modern clinic with 214 beds.

  • more than 20,000 patients per year, of which more than 11,000 are inpatient
  • 90% of operations are performed in the clinic in a minimally invasive way

The clinic was opened in 1895 as the first diabetes clinic in Europe. Over time, the clinic became a district hospital serving patients in many areas.

So the Sachsenhausen Clinic has become one of the leading clinics in the city for surgery (general and visceral surgery) and minimally invasive operative gynecology.

Since 1995, the clinic has been leading in Europe in bariatric surgery.

In the maternity ward of the clinic, more than 1,300 children are born per year, and in the cardiology department, in addition to the catheter laboratory, a team of specialists works, urgently helping patients with a heart attack.

Since 2016, a new department of angiology / interventional radiology has been opened, where patients with vascular diseases are treated at the highest world level.


The Sachsenhausen Clinic treats a wide range of diseases in which surgical intervention is necessary. Approach: as minimally invasive (laparoscopic) and interdisciplinary as possible (close interaction of various departments of the clinic, if necessary, involving a gastroenterologist, gynecologist, oncologist ...).

The treatment concept begins with preoperative examinations, includes operations, postoperative patient monitoring and, if necessary (after bariatric surgery) plastic surgery.

- Department of Bariatric Surgery
- Department of General and Visceral Surgery
- Oncological Surgery Department
- Department of Orthopedics
- Department of proctology
- Center for surgical treatment of hernias
- Center for surgical treatment of reflux

Operative gynecology

For over 15 years, the Saxenhausen Clinic has specialized in minimally invasive gynecological surgery (MIC). Clinic Sachsenhausen is one of the leading MIC centers in Germany.

Therefore, here you can treat almost the entire range of gynecological diseases using laparoscopy and hysteroscopy at the highest level. The use of “keyhole surgery” means for the patient the most gentle treatment, a short stay in the clinic and a faster recovery.

In addition to surgical examination, the clinic also treats all gynecological diseases that require a conservative treatment method.

- Center for minimally invasive surgery of gynecological diseases
- Treatment of benign and malignant gynecological tumors
- Center for the treatment of endometriosis

Perinatal diagnosis and obstetrics

More than 1300 deliveries per year are carried out.

- Pre- and postnatal osteopathy
- Birth preparation courses
- Preparation for childbirth: acupuncture
- Newborn care course
- Mental training and preparing hypnosis for childbirth
- Kinesioteping
- Cafe for nursing mothers
- Postoperative care
- Restorative gymnastics after childbirth

Diabetology and Endocrinology

- Department of Structured Diabetes Management
- Clinical Department
- Treatment of diabetic foot
- Treatment for pregnant diabetes

Internal medicine

- Department of Cardiology (catheter laboratory)

In the laboratory for catheter examinations of the heart, left-side and right-side studies of the heart are carried out using a catheter.

The narrowing of the coronary vessels can be dilated by balloon dilatation. Usually, during the intervention, implantation of simple or drug-coated vessel supports, the so-called stents, is performed.

- Hotline for heart attack patients

For emergency treatment of patients with heart attack, a team of specialists works in a catheter laboratory 24 hours a day. The team eliminates, through catheter intervention, circulatory disorders of the heart muscle that led to a heart attack.

It is also possible to close certain defects of the septum of the heart (atrial septal defect, open oval foramen) using a catheter technique

- sleep lab

The Sleep Medical Center at the Sachsenhausen Hospital was opened in 1995 as a department of the Internal Medicine Clinic and received the same accreditation from Deutsche Gesellschaft as the Sleep and Sleep Medicine Clinic (DGSM) in the same year.

Sleep medicine is still a fairly young science that deals with the processes of sleep and the associated central venous and physical ailments.

For this, a continuous recording of the so-called “bio-signals” of the human body is ensured. This is based on complex computerized recordings during sleep (Polysomnografi e, PSG).

Interventional Radiology / Angiology

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of arterial vascular diseases (minimally invasive).

- PAVK (peripheral vascular disease) - diagnosis and treatment (PTA stent)
- Discovery of acute and chronic ceilings
- Treatment of limbs and mesenteric ischemia
- Dialysis shunts
- Renal artery stenosis
- Carotid stenosis
- Central venous overlap
- Internal iliac arteries with potency disorders

Surgical treatment of reflux

Conservative and surgical treatment and diagnosis of reflux.


- Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy
- ERCP with and without stent installation
- Spinal cord biopsy
- Implantation and explantation of food probes
- Implantation and explantation of gastric cylinders and endobarrier

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