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Hematology Hospital Lu Daopei, Beijing, China. Treatment of all blood diseases

Lu Daopei Hematology Hospital is a leading Chinese hospital specializing in blood diseases and tumors. The hospital is located in Beijing. The hospital has 490 beds, 51 rooms with a laminar flow of air and more than 700 employees.

Currently, the hospital accepts more than 67,000 outpatients and more than 12,000 inpatients per year.

Hospital Departments

The hospital consists of many departments, such as the Department of bone marrow transplantation, lymphoma and myeloma, general hematology and pathology, and a special hematology laboratory.

Each department has a strict organizational structure, rules and specifications. To ensure the normal operation of the hospital and provide patients with a high level of treatment, each department actively develops training skills.

CAR-T Therapy at Lu Daopei Hospital

Lu Daopei is recognized as one of the world's leading hospitals for the treatment of blood cancer using CAR-T therapy.

How does CAR-T therapy go:

  • Surveys, (1 week)
  • T cell collection
  • Production of CAR-T cells for infusion (2-3 weeks)
  • Preparation for infusion (3 days before the infusion)
  • Control side effects and support treatment before discharge.
  • 1 assessment of the patient's condition (20 days after infusion)
  • 2 assessment of the patient's condition (40 days after infusion)


  • B-cell acute lymphoblastic lymphoma (CD19 / CD22): 90% remission.
  • B-cell lymphoma (CD19 / CD22): 70% remission.
  • Multiple myeloma (BCMA): 70-80% remission.

The cost of CAR-T therapy at Lu Daopei Hospital is $ 70,000.

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