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Raffles Hospital, Singapore

For a long time, the quality mark in the system of health standards, Singapore is the center of medical services in Asia. More than 700,000 people from all over the world come for treatment and diagnosis in Singapore. And many of them choose the Raffles Hospital.


All types of diagnostics.


  • oncology examination
  • diagnostics, medical and surgical oncology


  • diagnosis of the cardiovascular system
  • angiogram
  • angioplasty
  • open heart surgery


  • sports injuries
  • joint replacement
  • spinal surgery
  • intervertebral disc replacement
  • IVF, gynecology, women's diseases
  • pregnancy management, postnatal examination
  • intrauterine diagnosis
  • in vitro fertilization, IVF
  • gynecological diagnosis
  • general surgery
  • endoscopic surgery
  • general surgery


diagnosis of kidneys, prostate, stone deposition
impaired renal function (in men / women)
laparoscopic surgery

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