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Private narcological clinic PROFREAB

Private narcological clinic PROFREAB

The PROFREAB clinic is a professional team, high quality conditions, an individual approach, a systematic technique, well-coordinated actions, attention and sensitivity, and all this in a country whose climate helps to heal and restore body, soul and psyche.

The clinic treats: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia).

In addition to living in a country of sea and mountains with a wonderful climate, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • European level and quality of service
  • Complete change of setting, level and quality of the environment
  • Unique living conditions
  • Balanced and nutritious nutrition
  • Anonymity and confidentiality
  • Daily psychotherapy
  • Post-rehabilitation support

The conditions in which a patient with drug addiction or alcoholism will be abroad, nullify contacts with the previous environment and practically exclude the possibility of repeating previous habits and inclinations. At the same time, communication with relatives and friends is maintained through the specialists of the center.

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcoholism Rehabilitation Center - effective methods for getting rid of alcohol addiction, assistance in socialization, psychological assistance, restoration of lost values ​​and necessary skills.

Center for alcoholics - the acquisition of working and effective knowledge and skills that help to start a new sober life and minimize the risk of relapse. Support all the way to recovery.

Addiction Treatment Center

PROFREAB Drug Rehabilitation Center provides the best and most effective methods to promote effective drug cessation. Center for drug treatment - getting rid of the consequences of withdrawal symptoms and withdrawal symptoms, detoxification, medical examination if necessary.

Drug Rehabilitation Center - a practical approach to a problem, a solution to which is almost impossible to find without referring to specialists, Debunking self-deception that use can be stopped at any time, helping to get rid of the habitual behavior of drug addicts.


  • Initial consultation Free
  • Motivation to take a course of medical detoxification (with resistance) from 200 €
  • Motivation to undergo a rehabilitation course - "Turnkey intervention" (with resistance) from 500 €
  • Coding from consumption from 400 €
  • Basic medical examination of the body condition 200 €
  • Comprehensive medical examination of the body condition € 500
  • Individual rehabilitation program "INTENSIVE", 1 month 9000 €
  • Rehabilitation program "EuroSTANDARD", from 3 months with a monthly payment of 9000 € - the first month *, 5000 € - starting from the second and subsequent
  • Rehabilitation program "EuroSTANDARD", when paid in packages of 3 months 5000 € per month
  • Stay in the RC under the "RESOCIALIZATION / EDUCATION" program 2500 € per month
  • Full support to the rehabilitation center 1000 €
  • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for traveling abroad On request
  • Family psychotherapy 70 € per hour

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