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Rehabilitation center UPA, Druskinikai, Lithuania

UPA Center is the most modern rehabilitation center in the Baltic countries.

Designed in a Scandinavian style, with a convenient layout of 177 beds, it combines the advantages of a comfortable stay in a 4-star hotel and professional safe rehabilitation treatment in the spa town of Druskininkai. Spacious and comfortable rooms of the hotel of the rehabilitation center are suitable for a long stay, most of them are adapted for people with disabilities.

UPA has introduced many technological innovations that improve the microclimate in the premises of the center, for example, the most advanced heating system - capillary mats that heat the air in winter and cool in the heat. Due to the low temperature of the heating surface, this ideal heat exchange system reduces the convection movement of air, which means that the content of suspended particles in it, in addition, guests are not disturbed by noise and air flows.

The entire recreation area, health department, SPA zone, swimming pool and vertical bath are also universal and adapted to the needs of patients with disabilities. A team of nutritionists and professional chefs takes care of cooking, which in the modernly decorated restaurant “Upa” and cafe “Mėta” offer visitors unusually tasty and varied dishes, surprisingly satisfying the requirements of a healthy balanced diet.

The duration of the targeted treatment program, compiled according to individual indicators, is from 3 days to 4 weeks or longer. Particular attention is paid to the personal work of the doctor with the patient, as well as to continuous training, so that in the post-rehabilitation period you can competently take care of yourself and continue the process of home rehabilitation yourself.


The UPA Rehabilitation Center places exceptional emphasis on the safety of stay of patients under the care of the center. The necessary conditions have been created for this: all staff are trained in the rules of first aid, the center is equipped with resuscitation equipment and a special tunnel that communicates with the city hospital in Druskininkai, which allows, in case of unforeseen circumstances, to provide emergency medical care.

The work of the UPA rehabilitation center is based on a harmonious combination of classic proven techniques and modern scientific achievements.

The Rehabilitation Center in Lithuania accepts patients with a wide range of diseases, creating an individual program for everyone. Treatment begins with a diagnosis, and experienced medical professionals constantly monitor the rehabilitation process.

If there is a need to establish or clarify the diagnosis, the patient can be performed as simple laboratory tests as well as tested new modern methods of instrumental or functional diagnostics, such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiopulmonary stress testing (VO2Max), and functional examination James Cyriax etc.

UPA - Diagnostics

Functional testing “James Cyriax” is a system recognized and used in public and private rehabilitation centers in Germany and other European countries. The UPA Rehabilitation Center, representing the James Cyriax School, also provides specialist training.

The unique diagnostics and treatment methods of Cyriax are used by all kinesitherapists of the center. Testing and treatment using this method was improved in Germany at the Neuro-Orthopedic Institute of Manual Therapy (INOMT) ​​together with specialists in biomedicine, neurophysiology, cybernetics specifically for the functional diagnosis of the whole organism. During testing, it is established exactly in which place the problem occurred, and what effect on the condition of the body can have anomalies of connective tissue or systemic diseases and diseases of internal organs. UPA specialists remind: it is not always necessary to treat where it hurts.

Cardiopulmonary stress testing, known as “VO2Max”, is an excellent opportunity for a comprehensive study of the metabolism of the body, respiratory, cardiac, circulatory, muscle systems and somatic response to physical activity. Testing provides a comprehensively objective and comprehensive assessment of the physical condition of the body.

Medical and Health Department of UPA Sanatorium and Additional Services

В современном лечебно-оздоровительном отделении выполняются более 60 различных процедур: массаж, лечебные ванны, физиотерапия, ингаляции, всевозможные грязевые аппликации, индивидуальная и групповая кинезитерапия, вертикальные ванны, галотерапия.

С пациентами реабилитационного центра работает команда врачей-профессионалов – кинезитерапевтов, эрготерапевтов и специалистов других направлений.

Новинка центра – процедура „Upa“, комбинирующая кинезитерапию с массажем. Она предназначена для восстановления поврежденных функций организма и нормализации трофических процессов кожи, улучшения обмена веществ и увеличения эластичности мышц. Также такой комплекс помогает улучшать сократительную способность скелетных мышц, повышает эффективность их работы, снимает боль в триггерных точках.


The center also took care of those who arrived at UPA as accompanying persons. They have the opportunity to have a good rest in the bath complex with a swimming pool, as well as enjoy SPA procedures on the fourth floor of the rehabilitation center.

Here you can find facial and body treatments using professional French cosmetics Cinq Mondes, aromatherapy massage, deep muscle massage and head massage, Japanese face massage KOBIDO and much more. One of the exceptional procedures for the whole body that came from the distant islands of Oceania - the “Polynesian relaxing ritual” - will not leave indifferent any visitor to the SPA zone.

UPA guests are accommodated in comfortable, spacious Scandinavian-style rooms that meet 4-star international standards and are ideal for long-term stays, including for people with disabilities.

In total, the center has 90 rooms, 23 of which are equipped taking into account the needs of people with disabilities and persons with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. On one of the floors of the center there are rooms equipped with special functional electric beds. For the convenience of guests, air conditioning and heating systems are independently regulated in each room for individual requests.

The rooms have a workplace, a small tea corner with a soft armchair, a safe, satellite TV, and wireless Internet. The double and lux rooms have small or French balconies.

The UPA Center is perfect for both rehabilitation treatment and family vacations.

Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Programs at UPA Center

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