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Amber Life Cancer Clinic

Amber Life Cancer Clinic, Jurmala, Latvia. Cancer treatment without chemotherapy and radiation

Amber Life Cancer Clinic is the first highly qualified center in the world where integrative medicine is used in the treatment of oncological diseases - a rapidly developing personalized treatment method that allows improving the results of traditional therapy by more than 50%. At the same time, integrative medicine can be combined with chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted radiation therapy or immunotherapy.

A comprehensive approach to the treatment of oncological diseases combines various treatment methods, complementing traditional medicine with an alternative one, which creates a powerful synergistic effect.

Dendritic cells

Dendritic cells therapy is a type of immunotherapy used to treat cancer. Dendritic cells of all antigen-presenting immune cells are the most powerful.

Their job is to present cancer antigens and activate immune mechanisms so that T cells can identify and attack cancer cells.

You can learn more about this method and its advantages on the official page.

Vitamin C therapy

1) Therapy reduces inflammation and helps stop tumor growth.

2) Helps cancer patients more easily tolerate the side effects of other treatments and improve well-being.

3) In combination with the methods of immunotherapy and virotherapy, the destruction of cancer cells occurs more selectively.

Ozone therapy

1) Stimulates the immune system

2) Stops the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses

3) Minimizes inflammatory processes in the body.


An effective and safe therapy that allows you to "choose" malignant cells and destroy them without affecting healthy tissues and cells. Resistance to this type of therapy has not been identified.

Stimulates the body's natural defense mechanisms by activating the immune response, which is suppressed during the malignant process.

The virus effectively multiplies inside the cancer cells, destroying the tumor tissue.

Amber Life Cancer Clinic employs the most experienced virotherapy specialists in the world, since Latvia is the birthplace of the famous drug Rigvir. It was here that the drug was discovered, developed and is still successfully used in the treatment of various types of cancer.

Clinic is located in the resort town of Jurmala (Latvia).

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