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Sanatoria Klimkovice, Czech Republic

Sanatoria Klimkovice, Czech Republic

In Sanatoria Klimkovice (Czech Republic), comprehensive rehabilitation is provided for patients with combined neurological problems.

Sanatoria Klimkovice specializes in the treatment of motor disorders, as well as problems associated with impaired attention, memory, cognitive functions, speech and various psychological disorders. Treatment is based on a combination of procedures in four main areas: motor therapy, clinical speech therapy, multisensory stimulation, cognitive training and psychology.

  • A modern resort complex with more than twenty years of tradition and experience
  • High rehabilitation results after joint replacement surgery
  • Neurorehabilitation clinic using innovative methods in the rehabilitation of children and adults with neurological diseases
  • Comfortable and barrier-free resort complex providing all services under one roof
  • Resort area in a beautiful corner of untouched nature and clean air with a view of the mountains panorama

A rare natural healing spring in Klimkovice

Iodine-bromine hodgepodge is in its origin a natural healing mineral water, which in its composition is identical to sea water. However, the concentration of iodine in the hodgepodge is 900 times higher than in sea water, and the content of other minerals is almost twice as high.

Iodine-bromine hodgepodge, which is obtained from four wells with a depth of 400-500 meters in the sanatorium Klimkovice, is used for bathtubs and local wraps. Klimkovitsky spa balm is made from its concentrate.

Sanatorium-resort treatment with iodine-bromine hodgepodge supports immune processes, has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body, on the motility and function of the peripheral and central nervous system, on the relaxation of contractures, and the reduction of muscle plasticity.

Accommodation, food and leisure in the Sanatoria Klimkovice

Sanatorium Klimkovice offers accommodation according to three-star standards.

All rooms have a balcony or French window, bath and toilet, TV, fridge, telephone, as well as internet connection via wi-fi.

A team of chefs prepares meals to meet the current nutritional needs of patients. The basis is a rational dietary system, energy-balanced and varied nutrition, which can be adapted to the needs and wishes of guests.

Customers can choose from several menus with a large selection of international dishes prepared by experienced chefs. Breakfast is served as a buffet.

The resort area offers visitors ample opportunities for spending free time. You can visit the swimming pool, minigolf, take a walk in the spa park, or participate in the daily cultural program.

In 2011, the Klimkovice Forest Park was established near the resort area. In the natural space of the forest park there are game wooden elements, information signs and boards, benches for rest.

Individual elements in the park have the character of children's playgrounds, which are created in harmony with the environment and should develop creativity, dexterity and courage in children.

In the complex of spa buildings, customers can easily find all the services that they may need during their stay in the sanatorium: food sales, shops with clothes and souvenirs, post office, hairdresser and beauty salon.

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