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Hospital of St. Zdislava, Czech Republic

Hospital of St. Zdislava, Czech Republic

Hospital of St. Zdislava is a center for robotic surgery, urology, orthopedics and endoprosthetics. The clinic employs leading European surgeons and performs operations using the Da Vinci robot.

The hospital is located in a picturesque corner of the Vysočina nature reserve, where nature itself has created wonderful conditions for the restoration of health. The hospital has 129 beds for hospitalization of patients. The number of the clinic's medical staff is 200 people. Every year we have over 2000 patients hospitalized. The level of patient care in our Hospital is at the highest level.

Over the past 10 years, the Hospital of St. Zdislava has become one of the most sought-after medical institutions in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Patients appreciate our clinic not only for its comfortable accommodation, silence and the surrounding clean nature. We are appreciated for our well-equipped modern operating rooms, a high professional level of training for surgeons, rehabilitologists and all medical personnel. And also thanks to the high level of patient care by our friendly and caring staff.

The Center for Robotic Surgery provides a wide range of minimally invasive operations using the daVinci robotic system, type "Si" from Intuitive Surgical (2015). In terms of the number of robotic surgeries performed, St. Zdislav's Hospital is the largest robotic center in the Czech Republic, and one of the largest in Europe. Over a year with the daVinci robot, we carry out more than 1000 operations, of which 400 are operations to remove the prostate.

Chief Physician of the Hospital - Dr. Yaroslav Tvaruzhek

Chief Physician of the Hospital of St. Zdislava, Doctor of Medicine Jaroslav Tvaruzek is a certified and recommended surgeon on the server of the American robot manufacturer da Vinci (Intuitive Surgical). Dr. Twaruzhek has performed more than 3500 robotic surgeries.

Dr. Twaruzek is the founder of robotic surgery in the Czech Republic. He has gathered around him a team of outstanding surgeons, with whom he practices and implements robotic surgery methods, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Dr. Twaruzhek speaks several languages ​​and has a Russian-speaking surgeon on his team.

Medical Departments of the Hospital of St. Zdislava

Robotic surgery

The Hospital of St. Zdislav operates one of the largest Robotic Surgery Departments in Europe, where a wide range of minimally invasive operations are performed using the daVinci robot system from IntuitiveSurgical.

Operations with the daVinci robot system allow the most gentle surgical procedure for the patient. At the same time, the efficiency and accuracy of the operation increases significantly.


The Hospital of St. Zdislav is engaged in the treatment of morbid obesity. Our patients are offered a comprehensive solution to the problem. We use the most modern treatment techniques. And in terms of the number of surgeries performed, our clinic occupies one of the leading places in the Czech Republic.

The main focus of our bariatrics department is primarily the surgical treatment of obesity: sleeve gastrectomy, which has established itself as a safe, reliable and most effective method of treatment in the fight against obesity.

Our hospital has one of the largest Robotic Surgery Departments in Europe, where a wide range of minimally invasive surgeries are performed using the daVinci robotic system from IntuitiveSurgical. Including bariatric surgery in the treatment of obesity.


Our hospital has one of the largest Robotic Surgery Departments in Europe, where a wide range of minimally invasive urological surgeries are performed using the daVinci robotic system from IntuitiveSurgical. We also use the most modern laparoscopic equipment and endoresectors.

The Hospital of St. Zdislava performs a wide range of surgeries in the field of urology for patients with kidney, urinary tract and genital diseases. We also carry out diagnostic ultrasound and endoscopic examinations of the urinary tract and bladder. Our patients are always offered a comprehensive solution to the problem.

One of the main specializations of our department is the treatment of patients with urological tumor diseases: adenocarcenoma (prostate cancer) and prostate adenoma. In this area, we are leaders in the Czech Republic. In 2018, we carried out more than 400 such operations. Patients from university clinics in the Czech Republic, as well as patients from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany and the United States, come to us for operations.

Prostate treatment

When it comes to prostate cancer, most often refers to prostate adenocarcinoma, which occurs in 90% of cases when a malignant tumor is found in men. Over the past decades, prostate cancer has been diagnosed with increasing frequency. But when you hear a diagnosis of prostate cancer from your doctor, you shouldn't be discouraged.

Modern medicine has effective methods to combat this disease. Typically, this type of cancer is completely curable in the early stages, when the cancer has not spread to other organs. The main thing is not to delay the examination and subsequent treatment.

It is worth noting that in the early stages of the disease, prostate cancer has no symptoms. Only a blood test for PSA can indicate the presence of a tumor during this period - an increase in the level of a specific prostatic antigen in the blood. Tumor formation may appear after 35 years of age, but is more common after 45-50 years. All men from this age need to undergo this examination annually.

As mentioned earlier, a prostate cancer diagnosis is not a sentence, but a signal for decisive action. In our Center for Robotic Surgery at the Hospital of St. Zdislava, successful surgical treatment of patients with these diseases is carried out every year. Our surgeons have solid experience in performing urological operations using the daVinci robot system. And the reviews of our patients speak for themselves.

Complex programs of operations

At the Hospital of St. Zdislava, for our patients, we have developed complex programs of minimally invasive operations using the daVinci robot with a fixed cost of services included in these programs. Even before arriving at the clinic, our patients know the exact cost of treatment, which will not change during their stay in the clinic as part of this treatment package. We offer some programs for your attention.



  • Total hip arthroplasty € 8,500
  • Total hip arthroplasty after osteosynthesis € 10,000
  • Revision hip joint replacement € 15,000
  • Total arthroplasty of 2 hip joints € 14,000
  • Total knee arthroplasty € 8,500
  • Revision knee joint replacement € 16,000
  • Total arthroplasty of 2 knee joints € 16,000
  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction € 4,800
  • Internal collateral ligament reconstruction € 4,800
  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction + meniscus € 5,500
  • Anterior cruciate ligament revision plastic € 7,500
  • Arthroscopic knee reconstruction € 4,600
  • Arthroscopic meniscectomy € 4,600
  • Patella arthroscopic plasty € 5,000
  • Reconstructive knee osteotomy € 7,000
  • Arthroscopic ankle reconstruction € 4,600
  • Ankle arthrodesis € 5,000
  • Achilles tendon arthroscopic plasty € 6000
  • Achilles tendon revision surgery € 8,000
  • Ankle ligament surgery € 3,000
  • Ankle osteosynthesis € 5000
  • Reconstruction of the toes (Hallux Valgus) 3 900 €
  • Reconstruction of the joints of the foot € 4,500
  • Removal of metal structures NK 5,000 €
  • Arthroscopic reconstruction of the elbow joint € 3,500
  • Clavicle osteosynthesis € 5,000
  • Total shoulder arthroplasty € 15,000
  • Arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction € 4,950
  • Removal of metal structures VK € 3,000
  • Surgical procedures by Da Vinci robot
  • Adenomectomy € 10,000
  • Prostatectomy € 12,000
  • Renal tumor resection € 10,000
  • Pyeloplasty € 8,000
  • Re-pyeloplasty € 10,000
  • Colon tumor resection € 11,000
  • Sleeve gastrectomy € 6,300
  • Repeated sleeve gastrectomy € 6,700
  • Gastric cancer resection € 12,000
  • Cystectomy with artificial bladder reconstruction € 20,000
  • Artificial bladder sphincter € 10,000
  • Gastrectomy with artificial stomach reconstruction € 19,000
  • Buccal plasty of urethral stricture € 8,000
  • Nephrectomy € 6 800

Laparascopic surgery

  • Sleeve gastrectomy € 5 300
  • Inguinal hernia laparoplasty € 4,500
  • Laparascopic cholecystectomy € 5,500
  • Laparascopic nephrectomy € 5 800
  • Adrenal tumor resection € 6,000
  • Removal of hiatus hernia € 7,500
  • Gastric bypass after sleeve gastrectomy € 6,900
  • Sleeve gastrectomy with gastric band € 6,900

Endoscopic surgery

  • TUR of the prostate 7,000 €
  • Prostate biopsy (1 day hospitalization, consultation, histology) € 1,850
  • Colonoscopy (hospitalization 1 day, removal of polyps, histology) 1 200 €
  • Gastroscopy (hospitalization 1 day, removal of polyps, histology) 800 €
  • Cystoscopy (hospitalization 1 day, consultation, histology) 1,500 €
  • Removal of hemorrhoids (alloying, dearterization, hemorrhoidectomy) 2,000 €

Classical surgery

  • Removal of the thyroid gland 5,000 €
  • Abdominal hernia repair € 3,000

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