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Leading IVF clinic, Croatia

Clinic of gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine is located in the city of Zagreb (Croatia) and was established in 1997. This is the first private IVF clinic in Croatia that performs assisted reproductive technology - ART.

The owner and founder of the clinic is Velimir Šimunić, professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. Professor Velimir Šimunić started IVF in 1982, and was also the leader of the team that begot the birth of the first IVF child in Croatia in 1983, and the eighth in the world. Thanks to Professor Velimir Šimunić, more than 4,000 children were born with ART.

Under the direction of Professor Velimir Šimunić, the IVF clinic has become one of the leading and most respectable in Croatia and Middle East Europe. Each patient can count on a personal medical approach with professional medical expertise. In addition to excellent medical expertise, the Clinic provides patients with all the modern methods that follow from the IVF laboratory (IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, etc.). The IVF Clinic in Croatia is certified according to the highest European standards for conducting IVF procedures.

Exclusively equipped clinic covers almost 400 square meters. m. of premises on the ground floor of a new and modern building. The clinic has a spacious and modern waiting room, two large gynecological outpatient clinics, fully equipped for general diagnosis and small interventions. In the room for the nurse, the preparation of patients and pregnant women, simple laboratory tests, examinations and ultrasound of the breast are carried out. In addition to the wide possibilities of outpatient work in the fields of gynecology, obstetrics and reproductive medicine, the Polyclinic functions like a day hospital.

In a completely separate and protected area there are two hospital wards, an operating room and an IVF center.

- The operating room is equipped for all small gynecological interventions in analgesia, monitors, resuscitation system, ultrasound machines and for all IVF procedures.

- The IVF center is organized according to all modern principles and rules of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, European Union directives and ESHRE recommendations. The IVF center is divided into four units and consists of an anthology laboratory for outpatient reception, an embryonic laboratory with special facilities for sperm processing and cryo-storage of gametes and embryos.

It should be noted that the operating room and the IVF center are equipped with such air conditioning, which reduces the possibility (prevents) pollution by microorganisms. In order to achieve the principle of “clean room” (clean room technology), the Clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, a dust-free camera, stainless steel furniture, LED lamps, etc. This has achieved all the prerequisites for high safety and the quality of IVF / ICSI procedures, since there is no pollution.

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