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Akromion Orthopedic Hospital, Croatia

The operating unit of the Akromion Hospital includes three operating rooms and an anesthesia recovery room. The inpatient department of the hospital consists of chambers and apartments equipped according to the modern standard, having their own shower room and toilet, TV and internet connection. The hospital is fully computerized and connected to its clinics in Zagreb and Split.

The most modern equipment and an integrated operating room allows doctors and staff to instantly access all images and analyzes of the patient during the operation, which makes it possible to conduct urgent or advance consultations. There are no patient records in the clinic in the classical sense.

Types of surgeries

The area of ​​specialization of Akromion Hospital in Croatia includes medical services in the treatment of injuries and the musculoskeletal system. In addition, a wide range of arthroscopic surgery is performed, the shoulder and knee stand out separately, as well as the installation of artificial joints of the shoulder, hip and knee joints. Biological reconstructive interventions and reconstructions of poorly sanitized fractures are performed.

An individual approach to treatment is used for each patient, which characterizes a number of factors, including the patient’s age, gender, level of physical activity, type of damage, bone mass, muscle condition, etc. These elements determine the type of surgery and the type of implants, primarily the type of prosthesis that will be installed on the patient.


The ability to install different types of hip prosthesis (different prosthesis body and bearing articular surfaces such as metal, polyethylene, ceramics) depending on age, sex, joint damage, as well as the needs and general condition of the patient. The team of specialists of the clinic has the qualifications to perform the most complex surgical operations.

The life of each prosthesis is limited. In cases where there is a weakening of the component of the hip prosthesis of the acetabulum (pelvic region) with a large loss of bone mass, replacement is necessary. Standard methods are ineffective and it remains possible to reconstruct the acetabulum with trabecular metal. The clinic is the only one in Croatia where such operations are performed.


The ability to install various types of knee prostheses depending on the age of the patient and the degree of knee damage.


The type of shoulder prosthesis that is installed primarily depends on the condition of the shoulder joint and the muscular condition of the rotator cuff of the shoulder, as well as the age of the patient. A reverse shoulder prosthesis allows an orthopedic surgeon to sometimes solve seemingly unsolvable situations in patients who underwent several unsuccessful shoulder operations.


Arthroscopic surgery on large joints is becoming the standard method of most surgical procedures.

Other surgical interventions

In addition to standard surgical interventions after fractures, the clinic performs reconstructive surgeries of congenital and acquired deformities or deformations after failure of fracture treatment.

Anesthesia in Akromion Hospital

Clinical anesthetists use a multimodal approach to preoperative treatment based on regional anesthesia methods performed under ultrasound guidance. Continuous postoperative regional anesthesia is also standard after all major surgeries.

The clinic is also the leading orthopedic institution in Croatia for the systematic rationalization of the use of blood and blood products.

Postoperative rehabilitation

Patients have the opportunity to undergo postoperative rehabilitation at the Polyclinic in Zagreb and at a specialized rehabilitation hospital in Krapinsky Toplice.

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