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Cancer therapy by dendritic cells

Cancer therapy by dendritic cells in clinics in Czezh Pepublic, Germany, Turkey, Latvia, China and Japan

Studies have shown that new and viable dendritic cells can be introduced into the body in the form of a vaccine. If there is cancer, the vaccination with dendritic cells draws the attention of the immune system to its presence and resumes the work of the corresponding functions. This serves as a means of mobilizing a special power of the immune system, capable of finding and fighting cancer.

Treatment of cancer with dendritic cells in Germany is used in the treatment of malignant tumors of the skin, kidneys, prostate, breast, ovaries and the large intestine, as well as glioblastoma, lymphoma, brain cancer, pancreas, liver, stomach, lungs and uterus.

Our company represents the clinics in Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, China, Turkey and Japan where this therapy is successfully practiced. 

The whole complex of the procedures described below is designed to restore and strengthen the immune function and allows the immune system to actively and effectively fight cancer cells throughout the body. 

These methods are not experimental (!), but are authorized and approved by the Ministries of Health.

Description of immunotherapy for cancer with dendritic cells

All therapies (dendritic cells therapy, ozone therapy and medical marijuana) are integrated into a schedule developed individually for each patient.

Treatment may include all, or part of, the following methods that optimize immune functions and directly destroy cancer cells.

1) Dendritic cells are an important, but still poorly understood, element of the immune system. They are a kind of leukocytes (white blood cells). In recent years, it has been revealed that they help the immune system to detect potentially dangerous agents that enter the body, initiate and regulate the immune system's response.

In essence, dendritic cells are original "watchmen", whose main role is the processing of antigenic material and its representation on the surface of cell membranes for T-killers, designed to destroy foreign cells throughout the body.

2) Increased oxygen content can stop the growth of cancer cells and destroy them. Ozone therapy is a cleansing formotherapy that heals and disinfects our body. Cancer cells do not carry oxygen.

3) The use of therapeutic marijuana can alleviate the condition of the patient and prevent the spread of cancer by turning on or off the gene that is responsible for the proliferation of cancer cells. Injections of mistletoe lead to an increase in the immune defense mechanism against cancer.

The success of cancer treatment with dendritic cells has been demonstrated in many cured patients, even with severe (4 stages) forms of cancer and glioblastoma.

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