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Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary (Szent Lukács SPA Dental clinic)

Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary. Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic

Over the past 20 years, Hungary has become the dental center of Europe and this is not surprising, because in Hungary, a very high level of professional training of dentists is combined with dental clinics equipped according to European standards.

- Successful treatment of complex dental problems of any complexity with maximum comfort in the shortest possible time

- Premium quality is guaranteed at a cost reduction of at least 50% compared to Western European clinics

- Equipment of clinics at the level of world standards

- Individual approach to each patient

Advantages of dentistry in Hungary

- Low prices
Prosthetics, implantation and whitening of teeth cost about half the price compared to prices in another Europe countries. It is important to know that the same excellent modern materials are used, as in Western Europe or America. Modern painkillers and operating technologies, the latest implants and non-metal prostheses, and removable dentures are also available.

- Insurance
Dental insurance, as well as additions to European insurance policies relating to dental interventions, mean further discounts that apply to Hungary.

- Quality and warranty
Budapest's dental clinics are so modernized that they are not inferior to, or in some cases superior to, Austrian, German and Swiss clinics. The guarantee is, of course, a prerequisite.

- Foreign languages
Doctors speak foreign languages, so they will perfectly understand all your desires.

- Rest in Budapest during dental treatment
A dental trip will be a pleasant vacation for you, because treatment can last for 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, you can enjoy excellent hotels, a city, cultural programs, wellness programs of medical baths, where you can relax after a treatment.

Advantages of Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic

Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic is one of the leading dental clinics in Hungary and is located in the center of Budapest, in the European capital of dental tourism.

A team of experienced highly qualified specialists that covers the whole spectrum of dentistry, the latest technical equipment and high-quality dental materials: all these three components are equally important so that you get an aesthetically flawless and at the same time long-term solution to your dental problems. Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic satisfies all three of these conditions simultaneously, as it is one of the most modern, equipped with Hi-Tech techniques of dental clinics in Budapest, in the European capital of dentistry.

Prosthetics of implants

Although prosthetics of implants is already an affordable service in many dental clinics, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the stomatological Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic prepares for implantation using such advanced digital diagnostic technologies that ensure that your implants stably and permanently serve. Thanks to the highest technology and many years of experience of highly qualified implantologists, you will get a perfect result.

Surgical stomatology

It can be either a problem with a wisdom tooth or a such a complex surgical manipulation as bone tissue buildup (bone plastic surgery), highly qualified maxillofacial surgeons implantologists in a well-equipped dental clinic, will solve your problem with sufficient confidence and extreme attention.

4 treatment rooms equipped according to high European standards

In terms of equipment, comfort and design, Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic is in no way inferior to the dental clinics of Paris, London or Zurich.

Cooperation with the best dental laboratories

The clinic cooperates with the best dental laboratories, which, with the help of highly qualified dental technicians and innovative digital technology CAD / CAM (Computer Assisted Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing), will provide you with the most aesthetic and long-term dental crowns and dentures.

Dental materials

High-quality dental materials that satisfy all European standards will provide you with sparing dental procedures, as well as durability of dental work.

Guarantee for dental work

Patients are given a guarantee of several years for the performed dental work. For example, the warranty period for implants installed in the clinic is 10 years.

Digital X-ray installation (green technology)

Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic is equipped with the most modern digital X-ray unit, which will provide the most accurate and detailed diagnosis, on the basis of which the attending physician can make an individual treatment plan and determine the exact location of the implant installation. When performing digital panoramic radiography, the exposure time, and therefore the radiation dose, is significantly reduced, which is important for the radiation safety of the patient.

Aesthetic dentistry

If you are not satisfied with the usual aesthetic result and want to do an art restoration or prosthetics of your teeth, then aesthetic dentistry specialists will be able to offer you a worthy solution for your dental problem  so that you will eventually get a delightful smile.

Szent Lukács Baths

The dental clinic is located on the territory of the well-known in the whole Europe, Szent Lukács Baths.

The thermal springs of Szent Lukács Baths became famous in the 12th century. Then, according to legend, the knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem restored their health here after long campaigns and battles. Later, the Turks built a whole complex of baths, creating on this place the first official resort. In the XIX century, the bathhouse Szent Lukács was built directly with swimming pools, hydrotherapy complexes and an adjoining hotel.

Local water is rich in fluorine, calcium, sodium, hydrocarbons, magnesium and chlorine sulfate, which makes it extremely useful for people who have problems with uncomplicated diseases of the upper respiratory tract, gall bladder, stomach, intestines.

In 1999, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out here, thanks to which the Szent Lukács' swimming pool turned into a real spa resort. Today there are 8 swimming pools, of which 3 are located in the open air, massage rooms, a Finnish sauna, a hammam and a beauty salon.

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