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Childbirth in Canada

Childbirth in Canada and receiving Canadian citizenship

Many people know that a child born in America receives American citizenship and, accordingly, many benefits that it guarantees. Сompany MedicaTour, together with Canadian partners, has developed a new attractive offer for childbirth in Canada, where, like in the States, every child born in Canada receives Canadian citizenship.

Advantages of childbirth in Canada

1) Childbirth in Canada will be cheaper than childbirth in America because the Canadian dollar is 30% cheaper than the US dollar.

2) One of the main advantages is the child will get free medical insurance, because in Canada, free and quality medicine. Accordingly, your child can enjoy that privilege throughout his life.

3) The possibility of free education for your child.

4) Visa-free entry to all civilized countries of the world.

5) Your child will be able live, study and work not only in Canada, but also in the US, and absolutely legally.

6) Getting Canadian citizenship is an opportunity to live in an economically developed, safe and environmentally friendly country.


MedicaTour Ltd. provides with a full range of services in the organization of childbirth in Canada: visa support, housing rent, transport support, selection of hospital and specialist, translator (if necessary), support during childbirth, registration of all documents for the child, excursions.

  • Consultancy support from leading Canadian doctors in the pregnancy follow-up
  • Selection of housing for rent
  • Organization of transfer from the airport
  • Reservation of a car rental
  • Selection of hospital and specialist (transfer service and interpreter)
  • Transfer service and passing of an interpreter for pre-registration and payment of the contract to the hospital
  • Transfer service and escort of interpreter for all visits to the obstetrician-gynecologist
  • Emergency transfer service for childbirth (on request)
  • Childbirth in the ward in the presence of a medical interpreter
  • Anesthesia (epidural for natural childbirth/spinal for caesarean section)
  • Providing of a personal interpreter for personal purposes 20 hours for the entire period

Prices of childbirth in Canada

Price of Econom package is 15900 USD.

Price of Optimal package is 18900 USD.

Price of VIP package is 22900 USD.

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