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Endoscopic spine surgery with Joimax equipment

Endoscopic spine surgery with Joimax equipmentCarolina Medical Center is the first medical center in Poland to introduce Joimax equipment for endoscopic spine surgery. These are technologically advanced instruments and endoscopes used for minimally invasive spinal surgery in the lumbar and thoracic regions. This method of treatment allows treating almost all cases of hernias and spinal stenosis.

Endoscopic spine surgery with Joimax equipment guarantees:

- return to activity one hour after surgery

- short recovery - short hospital stay and short rehabilitation period

- small cuts of the skin (0.5-1 cm), low blood loss, small postoperative scars, intactness of spinal muscles, ligaments and bones

- low risk of infection - short stay in the operating room

- the wide applicability of this method, especially in people who can not have open surgery because of their age or diseases


- almost all types of disc herniation (discopathy) in the lumbar and thoracic spine

- pathology of the spine at the level of L5 / S1

- spinal stenosis

- cysts in the joint processes

- narrowing of the intervertebral space

- hypertrophy of the yellow ligament

- lumbar osteophytes

- cauda equina syndrome

- scarring after repeated or control operations

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