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MedicaTour Ltd. is the only representative of Russia in a large-scale advertising tour along the clinics in Croatia and workshop "Buy Croatia"

MedicaTour Ltd. is the only representative of Russia in a large-scale advertising tour along the clinics in Croatia and workshop Buy CroatiaFrom 16 to 21.04.2018 in Croatia was an advertising tour of the country's clinics, and at the end of which in the town of Crikvenica workshop "Buy Croatia" was held. Representatives from Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Austria, France and the Czech Republic took part in the tour, as well as in the workshop. The company MedicaTour Ltd. was the only representative from Russia. During the trip, visits were made to many Croatian clinics.

Founder and CEO of MedicaTour Ltd. Tatiana Sokolov tells:

"In Zagreb I really liked Poliklinika Bagatin. This is a high-level plastic surgery clinic, and there is also a modern department of dentistry in the clinic. Prices in the clinic for all surgical interventions are very affordable.

We also visited the ophthalmology clinic "Svjetlost", in which complicated operations, such as corneal transplantation, are performed. The clinic "Svjetlost" is the regional leader in diagnosis, treatment of all kinds of eye operations that help get rid of myopia, hyperopia and other vision problems. The clinic became the winner of the ophtalmological "Oscar" in 2015 in Milan (Videocatarattarefrattiva), and also received international quality awards such as "Best Hospital" (European Business Assembly) and "Quality Choice Prize" (ESQR). In Croatia there are two clinics "Svjetlost": in Zagreb and Split. 40 highly qualified ophthalmologists, working on the most modern equipment, are responsible for the quality.

Visited the resort of Naftalan, where skin diseases are successfully treated by special mud, which is produced from the oil produced in this city. Treated diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system. I want to note that such a resort is in Azerbaijan, but there the therapeutic mud is not cleared and contains carcinogens. In Croatian Naftalan, mud passes a special cleaning system and is absolutely safe for the human body.

I would also especially like to mention the rehabilitation clinic Terme Selce, in which patients from 86 countries from 6 continents were treated and 120 world champions and Olympic champions were rehabilitated. Here is rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, neurorehabilitation, rehabilitation after sports injuries, arthrosis treatment program is carried out. In the clinic, you can also go through a diagnosis program, a program of weight loss and rejuvenation.

I was also very pleased with the orthopedic clinic of the world-famous Dr. Nemec. This clinic of the highest level serves the football team of Croatia. Here are the complex orthopedic operations, as well as endoprosthetics of the knee and hip joints are performed.

Croatia is not only a very beautiful country, but also has excellent opportunities for not expensive and high-quality treatment in selected areas, as well as a unique climate that can help with many diseases."